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Prophetic Words with Angelic

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Prophetic Words with Angelic

Call (800) 679-6032

Only $1.99 Per Minute

First 3 Minutes FREE!

  • Angelic Has Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Accurate Insights Into the Past, Present and Future
  • Christian Prophet
  • Picks Up On Information Quickly
  • Love, Money, Career and Spirituality Insights specializes in prophetic words.  Our prophetic minister is a top expert in his field. He has over 30 years of professional reading experience. When you get a prophecy with Angelic, you will feel like you are talking to your best friend that has known you forever.  You will feel that his prophetic words take you into the future.  He taps into your situation quickly.  A prophetic word with Angelic often lasts for 15 minutes or longer.  You should be happy to know that you can get a prophetic word 24 hours daily.  The cost of the reading is just $1.99 per minute.  New customers get 3 minutes FREE.

Angelic first realized his prophetic abilities when he was just 14 years old. Over the years, he has touched thousands of people’s lives throughout the world.  You can talk to him from anywhere in the world. Our phone and chat lines support national and international callers.

It is easy to start talking with Angelic.   All that you must do is call (800) 679-6032 .  If you want to get the 3 free minutes, please purchase a package.

Over the years, Prophet Angelic has spoken to men and women from all walks of life.  He has given readings to celebrities, friends, housewives, business men and women, nurses, doctors and the list goes on.  Everyone needs a prophetic insight every now and then. It is hard finding direction in today’s complex world. You should be happy to know that Angelic reads in the areas of love, money, career and spirituality. Over the years, he has been given special insights into the spiritual world.  He sees things that the ordinary person does not. You should be happy to know that when you get a reading with him, you are entering a new state of mind and being. Take yourself into the mind of a psychic and see things from his perspective.  Prophet Angelic is so powerful that he is the only prophetic minister that we use. He knows spiritual energy like the back of his hands. He reads into different dimensions and tells you about your journey.  He reads on past lives and all kinds of questions.

At this stage, Angelic has listened to every kind of question that you could think of.  He has an amazing connection with the spirit world and the spirit guides do speak to him.  They give him information about the past, present and future. You should be happy to know that Angelic’s clients say that he is the real deal. Angelic receives many repeat clients on a day to day basis.  You can call him 24 hours daily.

Most customers prefer to get a telephone prophetic word with Angelic. However, you can do in chat readings with him as well.  We hope to talk to you soon and please tell your friends about us.


Log Onto The Web for Easy and Hassle Free Aquarius Horoscope Updates Aquarius is included among air signs. People who are born with this zodiac sign are lively and articulate. They are usually found to be very idealistic and objective. They are also agile in nature and witty. Aquarius people are straight forward in nature. Sometimes Aquarians love to stay in isolation. It’s easy to get an Aquarius horoscope on the internet. Before the launch of worldwide web, people had to depend on either a newspaper or magazine astrological columns or horoscope lists on television. Horoscope is one of the most talked about subject in the world. This is the most lucid form of astrology. Though it involves a set of arithmetic and geometric calculations, the results can be interpreted in a very simple way. But of course, it depends on the astrologer, i.e., how easily he can make us understand. An Aquarius horoscope would have some inferences that are drawn by an astrologer. He would point out all the positive and negative forces that are coming forth your way. Analyzing these forces, an astrologer makes some suggestions such as what you should do or what things you should avoid etc.  An Aquarius horoscope can come daily, weekly or monthly. There are some astrological sites who keep daily horoscope updates for all zodiac signs. You can get these updates for free. Normally any reputed site of this sort gets these predictions done by renowned and experienced astrologers. You can get rest assured about their authenticity. Any free horoscope service does not contain that much of details compared to a...

Angel Psychic Readings

Money has become an important source of attraction for people living all around the world and there are many ways by which one can earn money. Psychic readings are readings given by people who are blessed with extra sensory perceptions. They can see something more than what normal human eyes can see. Their advice can be so soothing and can guide the person who is in utter distress. There are some people who are really worried about the strike of angels as they hear about angels striking human being in many ways. There are many possible versions of people’s experiences that you might have heard when it comes to angelic guidance. People may find it difficult to come out from such kind of issues. The only way to get rid of these problems is to meet an angel psychic reader where they solve and make your life very pleasant. There are many types of psychic readings practiced by some of the leading psychics. They are angel psychic readings, phone psychic readings, love psychic readings, email psychic readings and the list goes on. There has been a great demand for physic reading services, especially for angel readings, as this concept has become dear to people and the like to try this out. People have understood the importance of the same. You may be wondering what the exact meaning of angel psychic readings is. Angel readings are a kind of a medium reading by which the origin of information is carried out by none other than the angels themselves. If you are a person who believes in extraordinary and sensational power...

900 Numbers for Psychic

There are many 900 numbers for psychic readers in the world today. The 900 psychic numbers started in the 1980’s with the Miss Cleo psychic hotline. Everyone remembers Miss Cleo. She was the Jamaican psychic who used to say, “ Call me now for your live psychic reading.” Her psychic energy just captivated audiences across the United States of America.  She was able to show people that she meant business and that she was for real. She wanted to let others know that she was the real deal. In today’s modern day society, the 900 number business has been replaced by the 800 hotline numbers. This is because a person’s phone bill used to get charged for the “free call” and it wasn’t free. The call was usually .99 cents a minute and up. The customer would get ripped off thinking that they were getting a free psychic reading and in reality, it was not free at all. Only around 2 to 3 minutes of the phone call was free and the rest of the call was charged to them by the minute. The 800 number that psychic companies now use will charge a persons credit card. Most psychic websites are very secure in the sense that they require you to create a user account and to verify your account information and security access code before you are even allowed to speak to one of their psychics. The psychic hotline has now become very strict and the clients know that if they are going to get a live psychic reading, then they are going to have to pay for it...

Zodiac Love Compatibility

In astrology, it is easy to find who your most compatible zodiac signs are. For starters, understanding astrology takes time and commitment. Reading astrology and horoscope books help you to see that there are astrologers looking at the stars and planets for you. They see a future in your life and can predict a perfect future for you. You may not even be able to recognize all of the success that they can give to you. There words alone tend to fly off the table. They can tell you who your best zodiac sign match is and why you need to reach out to your own astrology calendar. You can easily find hope if you are willing to try. Just sit down with yourself and find a quiet place to read and study. Buy or review an astrology book. Some great authors of astrology are Linda Goodman and Nostradamus. You can find books like this in Barnes and Noble and There is a lot of information. I can tell you off hand that Libra and Virgo work well together and Scorpio and Aries. However you are going to have to dig deep into astrology in order to find the information that you are looking for. Some people study astrology for years before they become experts at it. However, books are the way to go. It can also be helpful to subscribe to a daily horoscope column in an astrology newsletter. The main thing is to be as creative as you possibly can. The ideas will start to flow out of your heart and spirit. aries love horoscope Have...

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

Have you ever wondered why you can worry about something and see no results? As soon as you stop worrying about it, something significant happens in your favor? Whatever it is that you were trying to accomplish begins to take toll. There are certain laws in the universe. Some may refer to them as laws of attraction. Others may refer to them as “it’s just the way that it is”. It is interesting how many people choose to worry instead of letting it go. Letting it go simply means that you are not going to worry about anything. Instead, you are going to place it in the hands of God and go about your business each day. We often wonder how a certain bill will be paid or how we are going to afford food or get a job. All this is meaningless when you really think about it. When the time finally arrives that a bill is due, we usually find someone way to pay for it. Even if someone gives us a loan, the doors usually seem to open for us. What this truly means is that you are supposed to live your life in freedom. Worrying less about what is ahead of you. Healthy Dinner Ideas This article is for those that work hard and simply have no time to cook a healthy meal. Society is changing and many people are simply addicted to fast food chains and microwave food. This is destroying your health and mind for various reasons. I want to point out some simply recipe ideas that only take a few minutes to...


Great Women in History Famous Women in History There are not enough pages in this article to credit all of the famous women that the world has ever seen. Here are a few famous women in history and their accomplishments. Mary the mother of Jesus – She was chosen by God to have a child that would later become the savior of the world. Jesus was born 2,000 years ago and Christianity has now over 1 billion followers. Mary had to care for Jesus in his growing up years and found favor with God. Her love touches this world even to this day. Many people claim to have sightings of her apparition. The rosary is prayed to her daily in churches throughout the world. Mary had to endure the pain of watching her own son die on the cross for man’s sins. Mother Teresa – She was born August 26, 1910 and died September 5, 1997. She was one of the most powerful women in the 20th century. Whether you were Catholic or not, you knew the name Mother Teresa. She is most known for her work in Calcutta India. She cared for starving and abandoned children. She even won the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize for her work. Mother Teresa has written numerous books as well. Mother Teresa spent most of her life surrounded by poverty and the sorrows of those that she cared for. In 2003, Pope John Paul II made her a saint. Her congregation started with only 13 members. By the year 1997, it grew to nearly 4,000 members. That is impactful by any account. Her...

Virgo Love Compatibility

Many people ask themselves if they can fall in love with a Virgo horoscope sign. In reality, you have to ask yourself if this is what you want. Bonding with a Virgo takes lots of time and patience. Some people think that a Virgo is a slow mover. In reality, Virgo’s like to judge personalities and get the right person for themselves. You may see this as being unfair. However, many people do not realize that having a friend that is a Virgo is actually a true blessing. I say this because they love to help others to grow. Virgos enjoy being there for their friends and family. They enjoy helping others that are in need. Many Virgos also love to get live psychic readings on the internet. For some reason, this zodiac sign is drawn to them more than the others. If you are thinking about dating a Virgo, you should consider their personality traits first. For starters, they love to talk about themselves. They are kind, generous and easy to get along with. They often want to get married and have a family. If you can handle all of that, you may be a good match for a Virgo. In order to see which zodiac sign you are most compatible with, it is important to seek out what you want. Virgo Love Horoscope When you are in love you are in cloud nine and everything seems to be fine and beautiful. You and your partner are enjoying and at times you fear whether this happy feeling and this beautiful moment will last forever. Do not worry too...

Preventing Ministry Failure

Millions of pastor’s worldwide struggle to keep their ministries alive. They believe that God has called them to start up a church. It is hard to imagine that God would make you struggle. Many pastors fail to realize that God never said he was going to give you a full income just off your ministry. In the New Testament, most of the apostles had to work jobs in order to supply for their own needs. They never looked at the gospel as a money making opportunity. They believed that a worker should be paid for their job. However, they did not want to burden the believers. If you are having trouble making ends meat as a pastor, it is important to get creative. For starters, ask yourself what you can do to make extra money. Without looking at your congregation, ask yourself what your job skills are. What do you know how to do? There is no shame in being a chef and a pastor at the same time. The people will still see your heart. If you have a gift for preaching, you will not lose any members over it. If you have members that call you constantly, it is time to tell them that you have another job to attend to outside of the ministry and it will have to wait. Many pastors feel guilty doing this because they feel that they will not have enough time to minister to the souls of the people. However, if your congregation cannot support you, God will show you other ways in which to earn money. It is important to...

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope for Today

If you have fallen in love with a person who is a Scorpio then you have made a good choice. They are very ambitious and reach great heights in their career, so you future life together is secured. As ambitious as they are they are also equally emotional and you have to make sure you don’t say and do anything that might hurt his feeling because once they are hurt it will take a long time for it to heal. Lend an ear to what your Scorpio lover has to say and respond with a reaction to whatever that is being talked about. That will give them reassurance of the fact that there is someone who will by hisher side though all the difficult phases of life and also share emotions and thoughts .you partner work well knowing the fact that they can always rely on you for anything. Be free with you partner and keep no secrets from each other; this will build up a more understanding between you and your partner. The Scorpios are the most sexual active people among the others. So do your best to satisfy your Scorpio lover with a good foreplay before the intercourse. Be free to disclose your sexual fantasies to your partner and they will try their best to satisfy your need. A more mature relationship helps in satisfying the sexual urges the scorpion’s posses. Don’t try to make a Scorpio jealous because they may turn violent and anger at you. They may not forgive you for a long time and you may lose the best partner you can ever get....

Daily Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Astrology, tarot reading, horoscope, card reading, and feng shui support are playing a big role in peoples mind from time to time. People like to know all about their present and future opportunities as per the zodiac signs and sun signs. It is simple for the people of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius, or Pisces, to know all about the day ahead. Sagittarius daily horoscope will enable people to get a look on future in advance. Simple way to reach to daily updates on future prospects is getting online. Register with a reputed astrologer, horoscope reader, tarot reader, or card reader. By just entering details of birth date and other basic information you can receive daily, weekly, or monthly guide. Make reports online with Sagittarius daily horoscope experts and follow the charts. Study the astrology articles and graphs to know everything from love life, relationships, partners, work, job opportunities, failure, success, positives, negatives, and lot more. Knowing all details in advance will enable you to take steps accordingly in life. Don’t get stuck on a single track or don’t be scared to be ahead with others. Know all about relations ahead or predict the future with reference to reports. Online tools are available to help you in the process of getting free reviews and calculations. Sagittarius daily horoscope will enable people under this sign to get a daily report and look at the lucky signs. Get to know everything about likable traits, lucky symbols, ruling planets, elements, dominant keywords, magical birthstones, special flowers, special colors, lucky numbers, lucky day, body part ruled...

Chatting online with a prophetic minister is an amazing experience. You may find yourself getting lots of information about your love life or financial situations. Christian prophets have been lone known to predict the future. Most prophets feel a calling in life to help people prophetically. Many prophets say that they first got their gift when they were only a young child. Many prophets say that they can see into the past, present and future using their prophetic abilities. It is amazing to find out how many people are learning about prophets these days.

Prophetic chat online came to the market somewhere in the 1990’s. When the internet starting to get into every household around the world, people began loving chat. You can sit back and type to someone without ever meeting them in person. Many prophets found a way to use their abilities via the internet. Before the internet, you would either must get a telephone prophetic reading or an in person reading with a prophet.  Prophetic chat readings were simply out of the question.  Without the internet, prophetic chat readings could not exist.

The world is changing. People today are texting, chatting online and phoning prophets.  Prophet Angelic often gets 50+ emails a day from clients asking about their loved ones or their own personal lives.  It can be scary to get a prophetic insight for the first time. Many people say that they want to open their lives up to the prophetic and spiritual world. However, it’s hard to do that when you don’t know what to expect.

Most people say that they get a live prophetic word when they are in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.  Most people request a love reading. Love readings are probably the most popular types of readings to get. However, there are literally thousands of other types of readings to get as well.  Ask yourself what kind of reading you would like to get and then go from there. You may be shocked to find out that prophetic insights are all over the internet. There are over 20,000,000 searches a year from people wanting to learn about prophets.  You may have found this website through a search as well.  The best part about getting a reading online is that you don’t have to worry about talking to someone in person. You can simply sit back, relax and ask questions.  Prophets can see into the spirit world and therefore don’t have to see you in person. Many prophets choose to give chat readings over phone readings.  The preference is theirs and the reasons vary. Angelic enjoys giving readings to people from all walks of life. He likes to tell people what he sees and then he gets a response from them. Many clients are shocked to find out how accurate and fast he is. You simply say a question and he gives you an answer. It’s really that easy.  We hope to chat with you soon. Please tell your friends about us and like us on your Facebook page.