Can Two Scorpios Date Each Other?

When it comes to love, Scorpio tends to find it within its own zodiac sign.  If you have a man and woman born under the same zodiac sign, the relationship can work.  Scorpio men tend to be down to earth, happy go lucky, free spirited and knowing what they want in life. They can be easy to talk to if you have the same as interests as they do.  If you are the kind of person that wants to settle down in marriage, a Scorpio man tends to do so in their 30’s.

You will often find a Scorpio women having her head on straight. She is easy to communicate with and often puts a smile on her face to show her strong character from within. She doesn’t like games in a relationship. She may indeed look at Scorpio as being the one person in her life that makes her feel good about herself.  Scorpio men tend to give compliments to their partners regularly. If your man is a Scorpio, there is a lot of good things that he will often say. He is not very demanding, but often tells you what he wants.  He often has an agenda when he is connecting with you in conversation.  Scorpio men do not like to waste time.  He likes to know what contribution he can make to the world quickly.  He doesn’t like to speak to people that beat around the bush. Scorpio men tend to be very direct and to the point. If he is thinking something, you often don’t have to guess what it is.  He will often tell you what’s on his mind and inside of his heart. He will often tell you that there is a lot of strong love inside of his heart.

As a couple, Scorpio men and Scorpio men are a match.  They love to take their relationship to a higher level and fill people in on what they are thinking. They have a great imagination together.  You will often find two Scorpios vacationing in a warm climate like Florida or Mexico. You will often find that the two love to share intimate moments together regularly.

A Scorpio women is not needy. She is often a woman that is in control of her own life. In jobs, she is often the person that is in charge. You can often find her in jobs in management or in healthcare. She loves to take care of people and she tends to take control rather easily.  Most of the zodiac signs respect Scorpio women because they like to tell you what they are seeing, thinking and hearing.  They can turn a terrible situation into a rather good one.

In dating, Scorpio men love to have control over the Scorpio woman. It is a time for her to let her guard down and to do some soul searching. You have two people here that are used to being in control. For the relationship to work, the two are going to have to give up a little of their controlling side.