Is The Term Fortune Teller Used Anymore?

In the 20th century, psychics often were called different names. Usually the term “psychic reader” was not used. Often, people would refer to psychics as a fortune teller, witch, gypsy, prophet or clairvoyant.

In the 21st century, people have evolved to call fortune tellers psychics.  Some psychics may be offended if you call them a fortune teller because fortune tellers were often people that did not possess a psychic gift. They would often allow a person to sit down with them at a street fair. They would often read their palm or tarot card. They would always bring the person a good word.  These types of spiritual advisers often knew that the person was having a hard time with money, love or their career.  The fortune teller would always have some good news to tell them.  They would often say, “I see you coming into some money in around a month.”  The fortune teller was often not psychic. However, they were known to bring only good news and to always say something positive. They would often charge only $5.00 for the reading.

Today, the spiritual reading world has changed.  Most psychics today come from different backgrounds.  Almost all psychics want to tell you something good or bad happening in your life.  Not every psychic reading will be full of good news. In fact, most psychics will tell you that the news that they wish to bring to you is not good. We live in a feel-good society.  If there was ever a time for fortune tellers to be present, it would be now. However, most spiritual advisers tell people things that they may or may not want to hear.

It is important to ask the spiritual adviser if they are a fortune teller or a psychic.  They may not understand why you are asking them that question. However, it is important that they have a clear understanding that you are seeking truth and not good luck lies or fortunes.

Nobody knows for sure when the art of fortune telling began.  However, it is estimated that at least 1 out of every 5 people have visited a fortune teller at least one time in their life. Most people often feel guilty about visiting someone with a psychic gift. Many peoples religions and faiths teach them that getting a psychic reading is wrong.

When Edgar Cayce was giving psychic readings in the 20th century, he would often be called a clairvoyant.  He would read the energies of people and tell them what he saw regarding their life. He was right most of the time. People were often amazed by what he saw. He could even see a person’s health problems and conditions.  He would often diagnose the health problem and then offer the person a solution. He was known as the “sleeping prophet” because he gave his readings in a sleep like state. He would lay down on a sofa and make predictions with a secretary that helped him to record the readings.