The prophetic gift is a spiritual gift.

Prophecy has been around since the Old Testament.  It is a way of us communicating with God, spirit and our future. Prophets have always been called and chosen by God to see into the future for many different reasons.  A prophet’s job is to work in their calling according to God’s will.  No matter what level you are at as a prophetic minister, it is important to use your gift to help people with their questions.  Many prophets today are being used to help ordinary people from different walks of life.

I was called to use my prophetic gifts when I was a teenager.  I used to read for people that I knew were hurting. Back then, the internet was not born yet. I would often receive a prophetic word for someone that needed to hear that God loved them or was listening to them.

Even though born again Christians can hear from God, many feel that they cannot hear from God. I have found that my prophetic words increase a person’s faith when they cannot hear from God on their own.

We live in a world today full of uncertainty. Many people are asking themselves if God cares about them or if he is even listening? As a prophetic minister, I can tell you that God does listen to us and he loves us.  People often don’t hear from God because they don’t take time to read the Bible and pray.  God will speak to you on every and any situation that you get yourself involved in. He often answers prayers in ways that we don’t understand.

If you are called to be a prophetic minister, then the gift does come from God.  Most people wonder about their life and simply ask the question, “How can I use my prophetic gift?”  This is a question that is not easily answered. For starters, God must call you to use your gift. Even if you have the gift, it doesn’t mean that you are supposed to use it right away. You must ask God what his will is for your life and then ask him who you should be giving prophecy to.

Many prophets are assigned to work with pastors only or Christians only. Others can venture out and work with regular ordinary people.  I have been called to help ordinary everyday people.  I have given over 30,000 prophetic words to date.  I have found that when people believe that you are accurate, they will return to you and ask you more questions.  Prophets are rare these days.  There are many false prophets in the world today that are not gifted.  It is important to weed out these types of false prophets so that you don’t fall into their many traps and snares.  Be true to God and he will show you what his will is in life.  The more that you give yourself to God, the more your prophetic gifts will grow in power.  You will find that using your gift increases your faith as well.