Seeing your life through the eyes of a clairvoyant reader.

When Edgar Cayce gave psychic readings in the early part of the 20th century, people wonder how he could read a person’s energy.  He would lay down on a sofa and close his eyes.  He would untie his shoes.  When he blinked his eyes, it meant the person assisting him with the reading could ask him a question.  People never used the term “psychic reading” before Edgar Cayce.   The reason why the term “psychic reading” began being used was because people felt that Edgar Cayce was reading their spirit.  It was like he was reading a book about them.

The readings of Edgar Cayce are still in use today.  He wrote many books on topics such as: reincarnation, the afterlife, Jesus, chakras and much more.  Clairvoyance is a rare gift to have in the 21st century. It means that the spirit world is revealing information to you about a person. You don’t have to use tarot cards, astrology charts or really anything out of the ordinary. Many people that get psychic readings say that they are often amazed by the information that you receive from them.  A psychic reading can often help you to see the many mistakes that people make daily. If you are like me, the spirit world is intriguing to you.  You want to be able to have someone see into the future for you.

A clairvoyant will often ask you for your name and the person’s name that you want them to focus on. After that, they may ask you for a birthdate. That is usually all the information that they need to give you a reading on a certain topic.  When someone is reading your energy, you may feel it.  Sometimes you may feel nothing at all. Getting a live psychic reading helps you to learn more about the spirit world.  Psychics around the world will tell you that it takes many years of training to become an expert reader.  The more that you train in your psychic gift, the better you will become.  It is best to allow yourself to give as many psychic readings as you possibly can. In this way, you will be able to learn more about your gift.

Clairvoyants often give names, dates, times and locations.  Some clairvoyants work on missing person’s cases with the police.  A lot of psychic detectives enjoy helping people with their questions about love, money, career as well.  Before visiting a clairvoyant, see if they offer a free reading. In this way, you can test their gifts and abilities.  You will be able to see if they know what they are talking about before saying a word.

Clairvoyants use their sixth sense to see information for your life. They often don’t know why they were chosen to have their spiritual gift. All that they know is that they are meant to use it to help people.  Many clairvoyants take on full time work in their field and often work on astrology websites.