The Power of Dreams

Mars in energy flow into the Sun can bring new opportunities to be effective under this influence. A promotion could be experienced by you. Mars increase our energy, to work hard and achieve much and can give the advantage to us. We’re currently feeding beliefs and the thoughts. We’re programming our brain. The Law of Attraction will react to whatever we’re broadcasting. The Law of Attraction doesn’t care if it’s fact or a fantasy. It matches whatever we stating are vibrating and believing. Affirm what you need. Wherever Virgo is found on your natal chart is where you will need to “examine” your perspectives and thoughts concerning the house affairs. Theories that are past might need rethinking. – can you enhance well-being, your wellbeing and energy?

The Pisces Moon promotes “adaptable feelings.” In Pisces, visualize, we are to dream, imagine, feel and attention. To put it differently, we want to use feelings and our logic to make our decisions. Our feelings can be intense and deep but not tricky. You can learn. Pluto loves to dig deep into the core of the being and flush out conditioning healed and to be released. We’ve got the chance to make changes that are creative in relationships Self and work. The Pisces Full Moon on August 31 ends with our Full Moon in thirty days. This is termed a Moon and it’s highly active. The planets are in a engagement developing a system. As an example, action hero Mars and strong Pluto are in energy flow to Moon and the Sun. This influence can give us the capability to dig deep to discover drive, power and the resources we will need to make our dreams. “You can’t be less than you are now. You can’t achieve. That is why when someone accomplishes an empire and then something happens where it’s lost or destroyed, they still have the vibration that they have attained, and the empire will return again-you see it all the time-because it’s the vibrational status which the Universe is responding to, not the monetary standing.” ~ Abraham When we wait rewards could be great. September 5 Mercury and Mars in Scorpio in Virgo harmonize. This can give us. Thinking can have us in the driver seat feeling clear and empowered in the choices we are currently making.

Action-orientated Mars is happy in his home sign Scorpio. This is an wonderful time to do Pilates, yoga and weight training. Our action can build flexibility, strength and self-confidence. This will boost well-being, our health, energy and achievement. – What abilities, skills and gifts do you need to utilize?

– How do you improve your finances?
– What new route are you prepared to embark upon?
– Why is your spirit soar?
Just a couple hours after the Pisces Full Moon, Mercury the messenger enters nebulous Neptune being opposed by his house sign of Virgo on August 31. This facet is encouraging us to get the balance between our fulfillment and our material needs. This makes a trip. The first couple of days of September aren’t the time to make decisions that are key or sign on the dotted line. We would like to turn whining and worrying into affirmation and prayer. As an example, if we’re concerned about money, we’re using our mind ability to concentrate on “lack”. The subconscious believes whatever we tell it and holds power that is much greater than our understanding mind. For Example, by saying this This is a Pisces Full Moon when we keep our feet. We make our dreams come true and can reach for the stars. We’re currently balancing feminine and the masculine. Women must stand in their truth and their hearts need to open. The dramas for men and women are intense because we’re currently completing our third karmic lessons. Imagine it how you want it to be that your vibration is a match to your desire. Everything in your adventure will gravitate to fulfill that match each time if your vibration is a match to your desire. Much like what you live is a reflection, but a dream is faster and easier to reach, and not so troublesome if there is something you don’t desire.” ~ Abraham In Virgo, we could be reliable, industrious, systematic and analytical. Mars and Pluto in energy flow into the Sun can enable us to make changes but enables us grow and to evolve. If we want, we can gain insights and make changes. This way, our energy can stay free-flowing, proactive, positive and clear. There are no obstacles to the manifestation skills of people who remain neutral, focused and balanced. Abundance can flow to you, frequently and effortlessly. We need to believe in what voice and our heart are telling us, and trust. Believe that you deserve to have Joy, peace, love and prosperity! We’re worthy to have. Trust that is all moving in order.

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