Do You Have Astrology compatibility with Anyone?

Astrology compatibility is serious business to people who believe in it. It’s a really complex and in depth look at how all the zodiac signs is harmonious with one another. Some people have such faith in this school of thought, also called “synastry”, that they won’t date or even think about having a relationship with somebody who isn’t astrologically compatible together.

There’s more then one type of astrology compatibly however, and every one has their own particular evaluation systems and variables to take into account. Western, Chinese, and Vedic all have different ways to measure compatibility between two individuals. Chinese, however, is definitely the most popular and many depended on of the various sorts of astrology compatibility.

The Chinese decide astrology compatibility based on several things which include your birthday (including the month, day, year, and even hour where you were born). There are twelve Chinese indications and of those twelve, they’re split up into four classes. These groups are known by the experts as “Triangles of Affinity”.

The Triangles of Affinity are thought to be a means to find out your compatibility with a company or love partner. People who place their faith in the astrology compatibility consider that individuals who belong to the same triangle will find harmony together. Not only in love relationships, but also in business relationships also.


Within this triangle people are regarded as passionate about life and love, be progress and task oriented, they’re ambitious, imaginative and innovative. They are lively and find it difficult to sit still for extended intervals.

Here the people are somewhat different. They’re thought of as purposeful, systematic, determined, intellectual, and independent.

These are those people that are more free spirited. Those within this triangle have a passion for serving others; they’re spontaneous and full of life.

4. The Rabbit, Goat and Pig
This is the calm and cool group. These people are believed to be more of a peaceful men and women. They are calm and sensual, expressive and emotional. They are sometimes overly determined by others and work to discover the beauty in everyday things.

Some believe that blending persons from outside the triangle can be devastating while others simply think that researching astrology compatibility it’s an enjoyable way to pass time. In any event, these traditions are used and followed for many, many years.

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