Important Characteristics of Astrology

So as to understand astrology it’s necessary to understand Chinese astrology characteristics in addition to western astrology characteristics.

Both of these customs deal with positioning of various celestial bodies at specified times of the year-particularly the sun and the moon. These studies also deal with many elements of the world.

Moreover, Western and Chinese astrology are extremely scientific in addition to spiritual in nature. Along with that, they’re both often utilized in determining one or more facets of an individual’s future.

Several Chinese astrology characteristics differ from the features of Western astrological thought. As an example, the Chinese zodiac cycle is based upon a twelve year cycle rather than a one-year cycle.

This characteristic is extremely different from Western tradition that includes the positioning of the twelve most popular constellations.

Another significant difference between Chinese astrology and Western astrology is the quantity and variety of elements involved. The Western components include fire, water, earth, and atmosphere (four altogether).

Both the Western and Chinese lists of astrological signs fall within either five or four of classes represented by the corresponding components. These all indicate various kinds of personalities.

As an example, persons of indications that fall below the wood component are born in the year of the Tiger, Rabbit, or Dragon. Usually these people are gentle yet persuasive occasionally and co-operative. They frequently attempt to learn and develop.

Among the other most important Chinese astrology characteristics is that the element of fire. Within this elemental category are the Snake, Horse and Sheep, which are a part of this twelve-year Chinese Zodiac cycle.

They’re also quite determined, and like to maintain control.

The metallic section of Chinese astrology categorizes persons of various zodiac signs that are strong, stubborn, strong, determined, independent, respectful, and kind. Likewise, persons of the water element tend to be kind, caring, and compassionate, in addition to intuitive.

In contrast, persons of Western fire signals often possess characteristics like enthusiasm, confidence, self-sufficiency, romanticism. Likewise, those of the ground sign are usually sensible, secure, rigid, sensual, determined, patient, and sensitive.

Persons of Western air signals are usually communicative, intelligent, talkative, and societal. On the other hand, men born of water signals are believed to become more intuitive, profound, psychological, and kind.

Now that you know a bit more about Chinese astrology characteristics when compared and contrasted with Western analysis, you will understand how to better use them. Frequently this is done with the support of a professional.

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