Important Facts About Astrology and How it Works

Astrology spans the millennia as a suitable approach to understanding the human condition. For at least 5,000 years, people have used astrology to translate matters concerning human behavior and to determine exactly how to handle human affairs and other terrestrial concerns. In our modern world, though our societies and technology have developed to remarkable complexities, people still turn to the stars to understand themselves, their world, and to seek answers for their own lives.


Astrology uses this understanding to describe present and past events and to forecast the future.


While astrology is found in every culture throughout the globe, it can usually be classified into three major traditions: Chinese, Indian, and Western astrology. Chinese astrology is most likely the oldest known horoscope on earth with roots tracing back up to 2,600 years BC, but the others aren’t far behind.


Even though these three principal traditions vary with uniquely unique perspectives, it’s uncanny how similar they are on many levels. By way of instance, all three traditions recognize 12 signals in their zodiacs which are divided into four basic types. Indian and Western astrology both put the four types under the headings of pure components, but in Chinese astrology, the four forms are assigned amounts (although Chinese astrology does believe the effect of organic components in its own divination). The qualities of the four kinds in all three traditions are strikingly similar.


Likewise, the 12 signs are assigned a particular time period to represent, and these time intervals are the same in all three traditions. For the period of time between May 21 and June 21, by way of instance, Western astrology assigns “Gemini”; Chinese astrology labels it the indication of the “Horse;” in Indian astrology, it’s known as “Mithuna”.


We access to more research and studies than ever before, yet the use of astrology to celestial queries about the daily concerns of our lives is as prevalent today as it was thousands of years back, if not more so.


Whatever the various sources of astrology, the principal aspect where the world’s traditions of astrology are similar is that star-gazing divination has a long tradition and history in the development of human life. Astrology is where people have often turned to discover the answers to the best philosophical concerns of life for thousands of years and we’re showing no signs of letting up with this ancient instrument for self-discovery.


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