Who Is Your Soulmate According to Astrology?

It’s interesting to note that Chinese astrology, love compatibility and the rat are uniquely entwined. As an indicator of the Chinese zodiac, the rat holds the distinction of being regarded as the very first one and as such it embodies several intriguing qualities that at times seem to be mutually exclusive. By way of example, the rat is thought to be the indication of an individual who would be a naturally born conqueror or boss while at the exact same time such a person might just be known for the violent temper he holds or the bigotry he adopts.

This of course has occasionally made it difficult for a classic Chinese matchmaker to lure a household to approve a marriage that could connect a rat for their ancestors, particularly if inside the ancestry of either family there were several abuse or violent individuals born under that sign. Indirectly related to the personality traits of those sharing the zodiac sing of the rat are the trends for substance abuse and the chase following luck. On the flip side, since the indication of the rat is associated with highly respectable professions like engineering, legal advocacy, and politicking, many a family has chosen to consider love compatibility graphs between the rat very favorably.

Those who put plenty of inventory in Chinese astrology assert that rats – by their very nature – are faithful, but not romantic. This may spell disaster for both partners if the counterpart is unaware of the predicted idiosyncrasies of the sign. Needless to say, since the indication of the rat is heavily influenced by the five components recognized in Chinese astrology, the stereotypical rat doesn’t exist and these are more guidelines rather than hard and fast rules. To this end, a rat that’s considered to be heavily affected by water will behave differently from one that is born in a year dedicated to the element of earth.

Matchmakers seeking to create a positive link for two families with the assistance of graphs and maps often avoid certain other signs of the zodiac. Theories regarding Chinese astrology, romance compatibility, and the rat stipulate that the latter shouldn’t be matched with a person born under the sign of the horse, although the most auspicious pairing is with somebody from the indication of the monkey.

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