Your Own Free Will in Astrology Is a Life Lone Accomplishment

Free will is all about personal choices. No matter our birth charts, it’s believed that all of us make daily decisions that guide the unfolding of our life journeys. Every choice is a part of a larger composition, and that’s our own private strategies for spiritual development. These private plans for movement throughout the life experience aren’t on a conscious level from the mind, rather they are a part of a larger, cosmic energy which may be realized by the daily placement of the planets and the stars.

This isn’t to say that our activities, (i.e. choices we make during daily) have been determined by celestial action, but that heavenly action can assist us in understanding ourselves and our decisions. Karmic Astrology suggests that no matter our destiny, our thinking and our actions are finally free.

Our presence is a part of an infinite, ever-evolving bulk of energy that expands far beyond our understanding of the world or even beyond unknown galaxies. What makes people unique, however, is the wisdom, a power which has at its heart, free will.

According to the concept of Free Will Astrology, free will is representative of the karma we bring to ourselves: it’s the cause of the karma we deliver, in addition to the impacts of the karma we create. The difference between destiny and free will is that destiny is restricted, whereas free will is infinite. Because we’re free thinking entities, we’ve got the capability to orchestrate our first placement in the world, thereby setting into motion the path of our lives.

Free will is a selective and discriminating procedure which encourages us to do it for our own lives. In Free Will Astrology, theories of planetary placements and the effect of those placements on human life function as guidelines to help us understand ourselves. It’s thought that by understanding the energy forces of astronomical happenings on the human mind, we’ll use the ability of our free will to bring good karma to ourselves and to the world.

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