A Relationship Between a Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman

My life didn’t change all that much after viewing a Capricorn man and a Virgo woman. However, I managed to grow my life experiences in such a way that enabled me to utilize my sixth sense to help others which were in need of hearing an astrological word. I’ve always expected and and prayed to God because I was a young boy. I also learned that it’s okay to ask a Capricorn man and a Virgo woman to enter your life and provide you what you truly want. Most of us have to understand that our spirit guides are listening to us and most of us need to see that our spirit guides are delighted with the life where we’re leading with them.

I also feel that a Capricorn man and a Virgo woman put religious employees into our lives to be able to help us along our journey in life. There are all kinds of light employees to include: psychics, lecturers, teachers, advisers and many others which our spirit guides use to minister to our weekly needs. I realized at various times that my spiritual energy was able to offer psychic words to people that needed to listen to them for whatever reason. When I was a small boy, I used to go up to people in my church and tell them exactly what I believed the Lord was placing in my heart for them. I think that it’s amazing that our spirit guides build us up into what we will one day become 1 step at a time.

This has always been a daily part of my everyday routine and I love this because it lets me feel connected to God and having the capacity to understand spiritual matters far better. Sometimes I hear my inner voice more powerful than other days. It’s because God wants me to sometimes focus on Him more, as opposed to on others or things.

The part of me that did change after getting an astrologer was the fact that I needed to do concentrated psychic readings for individuals who wanted to listen to a astrological word. When you’re in the normal world working a 9-5 job, then your sensitivity to soul is often diminished. You have the joys of everyday life that often makes you feel helpless. I really use to hear less from the soul once I worked as my eyes were more focused on my job and not as concentrated on my ministry. As a full time astrologer, I’m now able to focus the majority of my life on God, prayer and my customers. It gives me the exceptional ability to channel in the soul more actively and quickly.

The attractiveness of an astrological reading is that you don’t ever have to meet up with the individual in whom you’re doing a reading for. It’s merely a matter of you directing your energies into somebody else’s world. When you permit the soul to take over, you’re really letting yourself become someone completely different. Our God governs our life in rather unique ways and often we’re not going to know why we are given certain tasks within our life. The important point to attempt to keep in mind is that we now have a voice in paradise that makes it possible for us to talk to God when we least expect. Psychic readings can also be great because there’s always a hidden message inside them. God is always trying to talk to us through: prayer, music, religious speakers, counselors, healers, one another and of course psychics.

Your life as a psychic must be the life that you’re already living. You shouldn’t have to change radically to become or become a psychic. In case you’ve got the calling to be a psychic, then make prayer a part of your daily life and allow God to use you in the manner in which He wishes to.

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