Terms in Astrology That You May Not Be Familiar With

Syzygy is not a simple term to announce, but within the area of astrology it conveys very special and far reaching significance. It’s during this kind of event that planets briefly enter into a mix that puts them in a direct line toward sunlight. With this rather brief moment in time these planets – usually it’s three – are in a combined gravitational system and astrologers have thought for a long time that men born in that specific moment of a bona fide syzygy are destined for events and tasks that those born 30 seconds earlier or later may only dream of – sometimes with jealousy, and sometimes with dread. This highly specialized aspect of astrological chart prep begs the question if applications programs can adequately encompass this occasion.

Those tied in with the astrological chart reading have always questioned the capability of a computer generated graph to adequately take into account the consequences of a planetary syzygy when it comes to fine tuning the software to the person seeking the reading. Granted, software is probably more accurate in determining the existence of such an event in the first place and may even correctly pinpoint the specific moment in time that the event starts and ends, but besides this bit of mathematical creativity and time keeping, it’s highly doubtful that even the most sophisticated – much less free – astrology software can draw the accurate and appropriate conclusions.

Adding to this occasional scorn heaped upon free astrology software is the simple fact that many an app may recognize a solar based syzygy but most likely won’t recognize one which is entirely planetary and neither entails the sun nor the moon. Truth be told, until lately plain planetary syzygies were disregarded even by people who would do astrological charts by hand, and such purists would factor in only those occurrences that involved both the earth and the sun. Since then a paradigm change seems to have taken place, and the mix of any three celestial bodies, is now seen by people in the know with intense interest and concern. At this point in time, it’s impossible to state with authority that free astrology software can do justice to syzygy, but the time once the available programs will be updated to add this newfound wisdom are sure not to be too far away.

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