How to Win A Fight with a Scorpio Man

Women today are fighting back harder than ever before.  Many Scorpio men feel that they must be the “man” in the relationship and show the woman who is boss. If you have a Scorpio man that is pushing you aside, here are some tips for you.  Tell him what’s on your mind whether he wants to hear it. In this way, you are showing him that you won’t stand for anything less. It’s never easy to see a Scorpio man showing you his full masculine side.  He can sometimes leave you puzzled and with few answers. Many Scorpio men will tell you that they don’t want to tell you something right away. Many will just hold onto their feelings and not say a whole lot. Pay attention to the moon this week. You will find that he has a lot to say on certain days that are truer to him. You will find that a bond happens more with Scorpio on Thursdays and Mondays.  These two days are important for him. He will often tell you more about what he is thinking and allow you to speak as well.  You may never be able to figure him out completely since he wants to be able to do everything his way.  Just be there for him and watch things turn around in your life.

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