I Remember My First Relationship with a Virgo

If you are a woman between the ages of 25 and 35, you are probably aware of the fact that Virgos are sweet, but also very challenging.  They can often be hard to deal with for many different reasons. For starters, Virgos are spiritual, loving and kind. However, they can be extremely set in their way.

Margaret was a client of mine back in 2008.  She loved to talk to her Virgo man daily. He was the kind of guy that was sweet on the phone and often difficult for getting something out of him.  Margaret was a Capricorn and often wanted to share her knowledge with her love.  He often told her, “I have it all figure out.  I know what I am doing.”  It seemed like no matter what she said to him, he only told her that he was busy or had other things to do.

Virgos tend to be a bit problematic when they feel like they have it all together.  The most compatible sign for a Virgo man is a Libra woman.  Both Virgo and Libra tend to be highly spiritual, hardworking and into making their own life decisions.

As you can imagine, Margaret did not stay with her partner because she felt that they clashed too much. It is understandable when things like this happen.  Mainly because a lot of people don’t understand Virgos.  It takes a special zodiac sign to understand him completely.  He is mostly misunderstood because he tends to hold in a lot of what he is feeling. Many zodiac signs feel like its “pulling teeth” to get him to say anything. It is not always an easy situation and sometimes, you will find it challenging to speak to him on a level that is complex.  Not all Virgos are alike. However, if your relationship with him is complex, you may want to think about moving onto another zodiac sign.


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