Powerful Frontiers in Astrology

Most of us know just how much IT (Information Technology) has assisted in performing calculations for astrology in a couple of moments as compared to hours obtained previously. Have you wondered how astrology could still be a science – even though some one looking in the graph based on lagna, or appearing in your own graph based on moon sign or sunlight sign?
Which it’s not. It’s founded on chance/probability quote of an occasion to occur- such as would union occur in 2009, what’s the prospect of the same? Can it be 30%, 60 percent to more- there’s not any YES/NO response as we normally give in sciences.
Why is it that astrology is the outcaste? Let’s examine this according to two case studies.
: How is it true that astrologers favor lagna fro predictions, and some favor moon signal for predictions and a few Navamsa-but still largely astrology may be treated at the purview of sciencefiction. One of the easy ways to solve this enigma would be- that to provide weight age to every method of looking at the graph: Lagna = 50 percent, Moon = 30 percent, Navamsa = x percent Etc.. Therefore, even when an astrologer finds marital battle because of difference in view (Saturn being there) based on Lagna just- nevertheless he’s quite safe if Moon signal chart/rasi graph give impartial signs. This is extremely much done in sciences too- the most of the smart systems take into consideration for this, so we are able to observe how contemporary IT does relate to astrology. You might have in-between worth like 0.4. If lagan says struggles about the marital front, however, rasi states no- one can say the opportunity of conflicts is 50%. That is the majority of the time you’re friendly but there might be events of extreme fights. The intensity timeframe could be predicted according to dasha or transits.
B) Theory of Good and Poor Astrologer? Have you ever thought about why there’s a idea of good, poor or even better astrologer? Let’s research the same? Let’s examine the above mentioned kundli, where mars maha dasha is ON, lively, and let’s determine how astrologers of distinct insights may see it.
Case 1= Typical Astrologer: Today a mean astrologer would say – Your Mars is averagely put in Virgo and mars being a pure malefic/bad world, so fights generally might be there, since it’s in 2nd home so issues in livelihood(2nd home has an indirect bearing on livelihood).
Case 2 = Moderate astrologer When and astrologer goes deeper, state a much better astrologer, He’d further add value and also state Rahu is at rashi of mars, therefore it might give its energy too: So the scanning could get altered to , fights are there and could be of surprising nature(because of rahu),issues in livelihood- much more issues in livelihood and barriers- which could be of a surprising character(Rahu consequences taken up)
Case 3: Better astrologer: Today a still superior astrologer would say, that because Rahu gets electricity from Saturn in 7th house(3rd full facet), so anticipate fights, leading to coldness, overall problems/coldness in livelihood- much more problems/delay in livelihood and barriers and that too abruptly( so this manner we’ve integrated the effects of Saturn too). An individual can go on adding a growing number of significance to the readings based upon the astrologer’s knowledge/skill base. No not really- all are fine and may be accommodated, with decisions given below.
C) Conclusion: We notice as we include an increasing number of information/knowledge is added to this forecast how the forecasts become. However, the some one is comparatively better than many others. Exactly like an economist is much far better than other- nobody can accurately forecast the markets. Also in precisely the identical time – we could complete the more right comprehension an astrologer has improved the forecast. So in astrology an individual can’t earn YES or NO assertion, an individual can simply predict the possibilities, which fits with the law of karma.
Thus frontier of IT- that the fuzzy systems/quantum calculating.
Therefore it requires much higher methods such as IT to resolve the puzzle, than stating it’s defunct or makesn’t “scientific awareness”. So could be a physicians may say after analyzing a patient tone kind of medication, but if systems really complicated like astrology are worried – there is guaranteed to be subjectivity.

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