Can You Attract Good Things Into Your Life Using Astrology?

Have you been held hostage by your own scrapbooking? Does your world cease when Mercury retrogrades? Can you blame poor customs on your birth chart?

Anyone who has taken a fantastic look in their astrology (and no, I do not indicate that the daily horoscopes) has probably discovered truths about themselves at the stars. Fire signs are daring and assertive; challenging angles forecast struggles, Saturn returns foretell impending disasters. The list continues on and on.

While it’s undeniably amusing, frequently revealing, and will offer relaxation as it brings self-understanding, there is a hidden threat which our belief in astrology overpowers our capacity to make what we desire in life.

What Is At Play
The faculty of thought based on the Law of Attraction informs us that “as we believe, so will it be.”

Close examination of the universal law demonstrates basically that thoughts become things. We produce our world with all our vibrations of both ideas and emotions.

That is why it’s crucial we become quite conscious of that which we put our religion in. Adding our astrology.

This will actually serve you in the event that you have not completely embraced your creative skills and delegating your energy outside yourself enriches expectations of succeeding. The pitfalls are if you delegate your capability to something which does not serve you.


Interpreting a specific facet as lucky or even a predictor of good news provides us “reason” to think great things will happen. Whatever giving reason to think good expects us is useful, even if we are assigning our power out ourselves.

On the flip side, becoming conscious of astrological events and configurations that make us anticipate bad news provides us “reason” to think bad things are in store. That idea pattern handicaps our achievement.

The best thing about astrology is the fact that there are so many ways to translate it.

Based on Salt Lake City astrologer, Laura Ellingson, which signifies the power is in the interpretation and could be expressed in several distinct ways based on the person’s state of mind.

Another division of astrology asserts that planets do not cause our truth, but instead reflect the fact we produce through our inner workings. In other words, planets relate to the fact we constitute. Is that accurate? Do not ask me! We all choose our own fact, since our focus to it generates it.


While writing this article I struck the challenge of letting my astrology beliefs to impair my imaginative skills. Following a brand new love interest made the unwitting error of supplying his arrival date, I scrutinized his graph for more than one hour.
His Sun Moon conjunction in Virgo was especially troubling, because I was not interested in somebody described as “exceptionally personable, crucial, finicky and traditional.” Probably not a great game for me. As I predicted the death of the relationship prior to our first date, I realized I had only fallen victim to my own astrology.

So I gave it another chance. I analyzed other characteristics of a dual Virgo: faithful, affectionate, sentimental, and nationally. I must have jumped over the ones since I dug out the dirt on him. That needs to be a great sign. A peek in his Sun Pluto mix also showed “magnetic appeal, strong physical needs, using the interest in correcting social injustices.”

Should I insist on providing focus on astrology, the least I could do is make it to support me in achieving what I need. By understanding I have the capacity to craft this art-science in a way that bring me victory, I am not at the mercy of specific star design interpretations. While I know I am the greatest trump, I use astrology into my advantage by ardently embracing ideas supporting what I need. It is as straightforward as that.

The Artwork of Selective Believing
As a Law of Attraction Coach using an irrefutable belief in astrology, I understand I will handle it to my advantage from sifting through the data gleaned in the planets, providing focus on the facets and interpretations that encourage what I like to encounter.

As an instance, instead of focusing on the constraints of my Capricorn ascendant (cold, calculating, with rotten childhoods and inferiority complexes), I still reside on the positive characteristics which increasing Caps are lasting, loyal and develop younger with time.

Rather than thinking my date’s 12th house natal Venus means he is predisposed to covert affairs, I anticipate it manifests as respecting the mysterious, religious facets of life. Rather than expecting a 6th home transit of Mars as possible conflict on the job, I select it means I will have additional energy and drive to succeed while still serving others.

Because if I am considering potential issues with co-workers, I make this outcome by entertaining these ideas. As I consider additional energy for achievement, I bring more energy for achievement. I am the powerhouse here, not Mars. However, my view in Mars’ 6th home transit lets me anticipate (and thus make) requirements and scenarios that improve my life.


There are lots of ways to utilize your belief in astrology to boost the life you are creating, as opposed to just respond as helpless victim into the celebrities.
1. First know you’re the greatest power of your lifetime. There’s nothing “out there” stronger than you. You are in control of you, and whatever you hear, think or read is true only in the event that you take it.

You produce your own facts, and you do this in line with the ideas you entertain. Considering that a belief is merely an often-repeated notion, you determine what is true only through your pick of thought. Deliberately picking supportive thoughts lets you live the fact you would like, instead of being trapped living out someone else’s notion of the reality.

2. Get in the practice of creatively assessing your astrology in a way that encourage what you are up to. Know that every hint, planet and facet has tough and transformative qualities. Think about perceiving hard aspects as chances to learn. As you adopt interpretations that feel great, you’re establish success.

Another astrologer told him it was a excellent chance to attain great success, which he must exploit it by taking strong actions. Which interpretation could you give electricity to?

A Saturn return does not need to mean life hardship or tragedy, astrologer Laura Ellingson educates us. Allow it to be a brand new opportunity to sort out yourself, adopt new responsibilities and prune what no longer serves you. A challenging-placed Saturn may have a favorable spin!

3. Last, should you discover more limitations than chances on your astrology, look at giving up the habit. That is very good advice in every area of life: when it does not feel good, do not do it. (Yes, that contains connections, tasks, diets and workout.) You can not get into where you need by doing something you do not appreciate!

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