Can You Trust Your Libra Friend with Your Taurus Boyfriend?

Women often find Taurus men to be irresistible.  Many women fear that their hot looking best friend will steal him away.  You may be onto something a lot faster than you may realize.  When it comes to a hot guy, you must protect your turf.  You must let your friends know that he is yours and that hands off is important always. Libras have the tendency to steal men away that are a Taurus man.  You cannot say that all Libra women are untrustworthy. Only those that have a hard time putting it all out there.  Libra women tend to have the tendency to want something long before they can get it. You may be fearing that she is going to snakingly text or call him. In the months of August and September, she may be doing that behind your back. If you are of the zodiac signs Capricorn, Aquarius or Leo, be careful. Be watchful not to leave these two in the same room together for very long.  You may find that it’s a lot harder to separate the two.  These two have the tendency to cheat together.  They are so close in the zodiac calendar that they can feel like it’s an okay thing to do.  They may consider having a one-night stand or simply a side relationship. Stand your ground and don’t allow the two to be friends.

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