How Ancient Doctors Used Astrology

Back in 1929, the distinguished psychologist C.G. Jung wrote that astrology has been ensured recognition from the area of psychology since “astrology represents the summation of all psychological knowledge of antiquity.” Nearly 70 decades later, however, astrology remains waiting. Although this historical tradition was practiced around the world for centuries and its own fundamentals and practice discuss marked similarities with contemporary psychological notion, astrology has mostly been disregarded by the psychological community.

Even though the area of astrology has gained through the years in the effect of the many schools of psychological thought, it now appears obvious that if astrology is still considered a valid counseling or therapeutic approach we will need to recognize that the astrological language and system is a whole “psychology” (spirit research) in and out of itself.

Fundamentally, the goals of astrology are extremely like that of the many “schools” of contemporary psychology mentioned before. In their own manner, are concerned about understanding the individual mind and with integrating the many different facets of the character, thus creating wholeness.

The benefit of using astrology as a tool for comprehension and “whole-making” is that the natal chart or horoscope gives a comprehensive “blueprint” of their exceptional psychological arrangement. Even more significant, astrology can show both our strengths and regions of struggle, and in precisely the exact same time provide us a wider view on how we could constructively manifest our potential in these regions.

This type of special details regarding a person’s emotional make-up and positive capacity isn’t instantly available to the standard psychotherapist, counselor, or psychologist. Lots of hours of interviewing and treatment might be required before the exact same information is shown.

Even though the psychologist, in particular, has lots of character tests which could be administered to show a number of the very same aspects in the natal chart, this info is generally not readily available for discussion with the customer as is the horoscope. The benefit that the mental health professional has, naturally, is that after difficult facets of the character or emerging abilities are found, he or she has the instruction and counselling skills required to assist the client incorporate them.

Having briefly discussed a few of the similarities and differences between psychology and astrology, it seems appropriate to talk exactly how astrological counselling fits into the film. It represents a special blending of the early heritage of astrology with all the contemporary science/art of psychology.

In a common consultation the astrologer could insure the customer’s strengths and challenges, life management or purpose, and present life cycles. Typically this amounts to a immense quantity of information which the customer is then left having to incorporate by him or herself. Hopefully by viewing the horoscope for a mirror or emblem of internal spiritual and psychological processes, the customer can start to comprehend her or his own distinct way of becoming.

Astrological counseling initially supplies much of the exact same sort of advice as that obtained from a normal astrological consultation. The distinction being that Astrological counselling supports and builds on the understanding gleaned by the research through ongoing interaction with a proficient “manual” or psychologist. This continuing interaction can help to incorporate the understanding obtained in your birth chart so that the customer can start to change, transmute, and attune natal “energies” to be able to express himself or herself from the most favorable and effective way possible.

Dane Rudhyar, definitely among the very profound astrological authors, once said that “that the maximum goal of astrology is to supply the person human being with an understanding of how best to behave to ensure the closed centre of the self can open into the energy of their inherent destiny” because it not only supplies intellectual comprehension but also the chance to deeply understand and honor oneself onto an emotional/spiritual degree too. Astrological counseling is quite a synthesis… along with also a means of rediscovering and re-experiencing exactly how magnificent we’re.

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