How to Handle Rejection from a Scorpio Man

Scorpio men have the tendency to break hearts. He doesn’t always say what he means and that often lands him into trouble.  He is one of the strongest zodiac signs in the calendar. When it comes to love, he often picks and chooses who he wants and may even kick someone to the curb quickly if he is not interested.  A woman that is with a Scorpio man should know a few things before she engages in a relationship. For starters, never try to tell him what to do.  Scorpio men hate to be told what to do.  They are not entirely happy with being the follower on the job either. They prefer to be in strong management roles or simply being their own boss. They have the tendency to make the entire plan come together. Women that involve themselves with a Scorpio man may find that he doesn’t put himself out there so easily. He makes you work to gain trust and has a handsome appearance almost always.

Scorpio men tend to take good care of themselves. They will often tell you that you look good or bad. He often doesn’t let you know what his heart is saying. You may be guessing if he loves you or if he just likes you.  What is he thinking ask so many zodiac signs? What is in the heart of the man of Scorpio?

If you truly want to win his approval and trust, get to know him first. Find out his likes and dislikes. Don’t always ask him questions about how he feels for you romantically.  Scorpio men hate pressure. Sure, you want commitment, but forcing him along the way won’t get his attention. Zodiac signs that get on his nerves will find that they are pushed out almost immediately.  Many zodiac signs are finding it hard to relate to him in September and October.  It is because his energy and vibration in the universe is often fixated and focused on work, career and money.  If he is in school, you be he will prefer studying over spending time with you.  As hard as it may seem, you come second to his career. Only in marriage or long-term commitment can the Scorpio man see otherwise.  It takes a strong woman to date a Scorpio man. Most women will say that they are tired of being pushed aside and prefer to not be his girlfriend or lover.  Be sure that you know what you are getting into before you decide to date a Scorpio man.

It is important to note that not all women are finding it hard to bond with him. In fact, many women will tell you that he tends to share his feelings once he finds you to be interesting enough.  Many Scorpio guys beat around the bush.  Some are blunt when fighting with you.  Don’t take every word that he says to be what he really means. Women that learn about this zodiac sign before entering a relationship are wise.

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