How to Put Up with a Pisces Woman in a Fight

Many Pisces women put up a fight when they know that they are right. If you are the man in the relationship, it is going to be hard for you to win.  It’s important to know what you are up against before engaging in any kind of battle with her.  If you are the kind of guy that wants to say that you are right and she is wrong, then know that you are going to lose.  It’s because Pisces women have a smart mind. They know that they don’t want to be cornered.  This zodiac sign is smart in the way that it knows how to read people. You can say that many Pisces women are psychic and have a strong will to be successful.  If you plan on telling her what’s on your mind, its best to say that you have what it takes to go to another level with her. Let her know what you are thinking and feeling over dinner or a calm occasion.

Don’t confront a Pisces woman when she comes home from work. It often takes her awhile to unwind after a hard day out in business. Know that she doesn’t want to purposely calm down.  She has an inner ability that tells her to rest.  If you want to know what she is thinking, ask her. She will most often tell you.  Tell her that you wish to talk about all sides of the problem. This will get her to listen to you a lot more.


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