Leo Men Have a “Thing” for Capricorn Women

If you are a Capricorn in search of finding your perfect soulmate, then look no further than Leo.  Leo men have the tendency to be drawn to a Leo man for various reasons. For starters, both signs tend to give a lot of themselves to a specific cause. You can often find a Leo man asking questions about career, business, spirituality and food.  Yes, he loves to eat and has a great sense of variety.  You can draw a Leo man more deeply into your heart by addressing his appetite first.  Many Capricorn women find that being a good cook is a way to bond the relationship.  Most Leo men don’t like to cook. They prefer working late nights at the office. However, if you can tell him that a home cooked meal is on the table, you may find him running home to get some.

Capricorn women love to be pampered with gifts, nights out on the town and bonding.  She likes to have her nails done at the salon on a regular basis to ensure that she stands out amongst the other girls.  She is very particular in who she finds attractive and who she would rather kick to the curb.


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