Your First Date with a Taurus Man

Taurus men love fancy cars, nice clothes and a clean-cut appearance. Can you keep up with him? Are you the kind of woman that takes care of herself to?  Do you find that looking your best always is what makes you feel happy?  Even in the morning when you first wake up? Okay, if you said yes, then you have passed the test.  Make sure that your first date with him is going to arouse his interests. Let him know that you are on fire for him and want to show him your heart. What are you thinking and can you make something out of this connection? Can you make the physical connection with Taurus happen?  Taurus men love to listen to what you must say. He is the kind of person that likes to put it all out there. He likes to tell you what he feels because he knows that it bonds the relationship closer together.

You should know that if your Taurus man has a pet, he loves to spend time with him/her. Expect a lot of your conversation to be about his pets, business transactions during the day and his will for happiness in his life. He won’t ask you many questions about yourself on the first date.  He can be a bit self-absorbed. However, that’s not too bad if you consider it to be part of a first night out together.

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