The Gemini Twin Symbol

The principal qualities of your character according to astrology are adaptability, flexibility, and a powerful social life, fantastic communication skills, humor, intelligence, eloquence, and a demand for change and dynamism on your own life. On the reverse side Geminis may also display inconsistency, flip-flopping perspectives and social butterfly designs.

The Gemini twins emblem is a indication of the dual character of the hint. Some might see this as an essential portion of their free-spirited character. Others (based on their signal) locate this air signal attribute to be complexing and hard to pin down.

The twins take up new challenges and tasks using a light-hearted alter of the brain, frequently looking new hobbies out and work scenarios in a rate which may make non-geminis perform a double take. This attribute makes the gemini logo tremendously suited to multi-tasking and adopting challenges.

In work settings anticipate this indication to perform well with startup businesses delving into the unknown and also with places which allow for creativity, flexibility and a huge array of tasks. They wilt in regular job scenarios where they need to perform exactly the exact same job over and over again.


Geminis in love may seem fickle. At one minute they are sometimes madly in love, however, it does not require much to their own to grab on somebody else, particularly in their younger years. Anticipate a Gemini to wait till later in life to repay and adopt family life.

Gemini twins symbols do best in friendship and love when people around them provide them a broad leash. These indications are social animals. They love a celebration and may frequently be located in the center of one.

Possessing a long-term relationship with this hint may be exciting, daring, and always feel fresh and brand new. Anticipate international travel, arbitrary social experiences with individuals from around (even if they have only stopped at a gas station to pick up supplies they will be chatting it up with all the walkers along with other travellers!) .

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