Leo is the Boss

The Sun enters the indication of Leo in late July of every year to get a month-long stay. They are funny to observe; they delight us with their antics and they rekindle our sense of pleasure.

We all are princes today and we would like to take centre stage to dance and sing. Whether your place is Broadway, Hollywood or Main Street, then you’re enacting the play of your own life and you’ve got the starring character.

As our solar system planets orbit the Sun, individuals with tons of Leo energy within their graphs draw a lot of admirers who prefer to bask in the glow of Leo’s light.

Actually, astrologers have long discovered that the similarity between the Sun’s connection to its own satellite planets along with also a traditional monarch’s connection with his own kingdom. Similarly, astrologers also think about the Sun the principle of heads of state, heads of businesses, and business owners (in regard to their associations).

Some habits derive from this connection. In the USA, as an instance, the president has been inaugurated at 12:00 noon, once the sun is highest in the sky. A graph cast for your presidency then puts the Sun, representing the president in the Mid-heaven or maximum point of the graph where it’s capable of maximum visibility and power.

It appreciates life and brings others to its own exuberance – similar to the rest of the solar system is drawn by sunlight. Here’s the location where we’re concerned with person self-expression.

And so when Leo energy is notable in a individual’s chart, you’re very likely to obtain the artist, the celebrity, along with the musician. Gamblers, if they do it in the blackjack table or on Wall Street, have a tendency to get lots of Leo energy.

Other regions ruled by Leo are youth, play, and procreation. Creativity and drama are all related for we have to be able to perform the latter to get the prior. Games, sporting events, amusement, even love, are Leo-ruled pursuits.

Though one can and ought to appreciate these actions anytime, both week period after the New Moon in Leo is an especially good time to commence projects oriented to or integrating these activities to your life.

If sunlight is similar to royalty, then the indication of Leo is your limelight. We take to the point wherever Leo is. However, the celebrity requires the viewer as far as the viewer requires the amusement.

At heart, we’re all creative beings and most of us must feel unique. The lowliest stagehand enjoys a ‘thank you’ for a task well done.

Under powerful Leo influence, it’s easy to overlook that your entire world is the only one which revolves around you and that others have feelings, too.

No issue. When you’ve made your mind up, you’re correct, and small will persuade you differently. President Bush, together with Leo rising, that stands with his coverage decisions even in the face of debilitating criticism, is an superb example.

(Can I say Leo enjoys the noise of applause?)

But during this period of year, whatever the configuration of the graphs, we’re all honorary Leos. And regardless of in which the Sun is set in your graph, it’s the middle of your personal solar system, shining its glowing warmth and light, lighting up your graph, light up your own life.

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