Personalized Traits of the Leo Zodiac Sign

The significance of the Natal Moon from Western astrology, particularly if the signal is Leo, this Lunar positioning get accent with a small amount of additional notice.

The issue with the natal Leo Moon is that the Moon itself does not always like being breathed in Leo. Leo is a Fixed Fire Sign, and therefore, ruled from the Sun itself, it adds a particular flair into the Moon’s capability as a psychological vessel. Additionally, it may be potentially detrimental, since there are just two flavors which don’t get together.

Peanut butter and chocolate, an improbable mix, and it functions nicely. But unlike peanut butter and butter, the Moon’s Signal and Leo do not necessarily get along, at least, not on the surface. Moving beyond the obvious the difficulty which Sun is your Leo institution and the Moon is the contrary of the Sun, the actual difficulty comes in the gentle temperament of this Moon along with the munificence and extroverted Leo attributes are in battle.

From that point, the great graces of the Moon’s influence are simpler to use.

Straightforward, and simplistic, approach for this astrological component.

There is a conscious, and respectful, flair which arrives with all the folks carrying this Moon Signal. Tends to appear as a delicately scented aroma, like a perfume, both new and classic; nonetheless, they do not appear as an overwhelming existence. There’s only a sign of this odor. The lightest touch of powder, possibly a grand entry that’s understated yet evident.

There’ll sometimes be the awful, or perhaps tragic-comic Byronic angst and atmosphere with this hint. There’ll always be a slight “drama-queen,” unable to escape.

The only real warning about this lunar positioning is that the exaggerated fire can return and cause difficulties.

To not play the martyr, but anybody with The Leo Moon is effective at great personal sacrifice to get there at the specified goal, whether that objective is a destination or even completed job.

That is both a strength and weakness. The stubborn, stubborn, the upside to this power is that stubbornness will operate on an issue until acquiring a good answer.

There’s also a spiritual element within this Moon Signal that has to be respected, in some capacity. Maybe this is the origin of the period, “Spiritual but not religious.” The aspect of the Leo Moon could be best detected by an easy, golden cross, nominally Christian, however the Leo Moon does not attend a church of any stripe.

When dealing with someone that has aLeo Moon, the simplest method is to highlight the positive features and also steer clear of their negative connotations.

“Play nice, or move home.” Straightforward, and simplistic, approach for this astrological component.

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