The Unnatural Deaths of a Leo Zodiac Sign

A comprehensive review of over 60,000 deaths has been undertaken by group of astrologers, caregivers and law enforcement specialists. This review compared the sun indication of the deceased individual with the frequency and manner in which they died. The intention of this study was to see whether there were “provable” connections between the character traits and attributes of every sun sign and also the manner by which they could die an unnatural death.

Leo was the obvious leader in lightning deaths. Surprisingly, Leos accounted for almost half of all of the lightning attack deaths we could review. This is most likely due to there being too little a sample (only under 200 instances) but even so it had been an intriguing anomaly.

Leo is a natural leader, blessed with all the energy of sunlight, elegance, athletic agility and organic power. The natural leader facet of Leo sometimes unites with reckless exhibitionism. This combination may result in risk taking behavior and in the case of several of those Leo creature attack passing cases reviewed, this is the primary reason for the confrontation in the first location. The fearless Leo demonstrating to his viewers that he or she’s quicker, stronger, braver (I am not terrified of the ol’ snake etc).

Another explanation increased in our conversation of Leos and creature attacks was that the organic creature power/superiority given off by Leos. It’s likely that animals feel this on a visceral level and might take it as an obstacle for their land in much the exact same manner as animals in the wild do.

Drug overdose suicides were just another unnatural cause of death that Leos rated first in (equivalent with Capricorn). Not given to melancholy usually, being more inclined adhere to the “bright side”, Leos didn’t score highly on any other sort of suicide examined (gunshot, carbon dioxide, dangling). 1 explanation for this might be the Leo have to “push it farther” than his peers. Possibly the risk taking civilization signifies that Leo has drugs in hand if life does get down them and makes for a simple ‘spur of the moment’ method. Another explanation may be that most of those Leo deaths attributed to suicide by passing investigators might be unintentional (suicide can be quite difficult to tell).


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