Virgo Moon and the New Age Movement

Normally, in more contemporary astrological circles, in addition, there are asteroid institutions with Virgo, too.

The glyph appears like a tiny stick figure with antennae, a set of top notch, high-gain recipients, always tuning and searching the airwaves for additional information. Virgo, through this institution, is an analytical indication, and these antennae are constantly working to find more information.

The upside down, positive aspects of this Virgo Moon is your capability to test, think deeply, and still have a solid grasp of attention to detail. This moon signal, in its best form, can view the large picture and still fret about the information.

The drawback is that the paralysis by analysis that could happen from collecting too much info and attempting that assimilate overload of information.

Another element that’s often overlooked with all the Virgo Moon signal is that the inherent sensuality, as Virgo is still a powerful Earth Element, mutable, but still quite tactile. Touch, feel, often polished and clean, but nevertheless the attempt is there, along with the necessary underpinning is signature. Many Virgo Moon characters favor the “touch” component to be sterile, maybe sterile, but pristine and with no tarnish, as a very minimal.

A singular, nevertheless ideal example was just one Virgo Moon individual, when queried, “Would you want to shower (toilet) in the daytime or in the day?”

The notification response?

“Why not both times?”

This illustrates the fundamental Virgo features, over and above, with a focus on redundancy and possibly, a tiny overachieving. Again, these are generalities, however, in 1 type (or some other), this kind of behaviour is seen as a frequent motif using all the Virgo Moon characters.

The normal generality would be to think about the Virgo character a perfectionist. What’s often an exquisite attention to detail, and superlative ability to comprehend the moment inadequacies of a circumstance, that perfectionism conveys the incorrect idea. Great and goodly, sure, but it’s ever perfect.

There is another frequent belief that runs with this Lunar Placement from Western horoscopes, the thought that there’s not any overt romanticism, which compared, leaves just a tiny bit lacking. The romantic thoughts, emotions are related to the Moon, along with the romantic ideas with a Virgo Moon have a tendency to be hauled out of empathy as opposed to over-the-top ardent love.


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