Tarot Card Myths

For All the negative relationships surrounding
Divination and Tarot Cards particularly, there’s little direct connection between those damaging
ideas and the fact of working together with the cards. Dispelling a few myths can prove useful to our
evaluation of the validity of Tarot.

The first, and greatest myth is that they’re anti-Christian or even “evil.” Individuals who think this tend
To think that the cards “function” since they’re infused with some type of dark power. This fantasy,
like all myths, comprises a very small grain of what was fact that’s been twisted beyond
recognition. In fact, it was the Christian church which at the middle ages stamped out Paganism,
its primary rival, by demonizing it and all of the things connected with that.

The Majority of us do not
Believe Tarot to be an part of our faith in the first place (although we might think about it of
religious value) and can not know what all the play is all about. Some confusion often appears
as a result of addition of a Departure card along with a Devil card, two hot button things when viewed through a
religious lens. For the time being, it’s sufficient to remember that the Tarot interpretations of those symbols aren’t
the interpretations that a lot of men and women are utilized to.


there are dishonest hustlers in each profession; physicians, attorneys, contractors, celebrities, you title
it, you will find unqualified folks posing as capable professionals charging money for substandard
services or service which are never sent in each industry and discipline. Tarot is not any different, but is
no more prone to infiltration by shady folks than any other profession or agency
area. The major debate, it seems, is that Tarot readers might present themselves as a thing
that they aren’t, “psychic,” or even “fortune tellers,” that a skeptic may pick only can’t be “accurate”
In the heart of the matter is the gap between the things being psychic means of various people
who either assert it or comprehend the promises of others. Everything depends on your reply to the query,
“What exactly does it mean to be psychic?”
Virtually nobody with some experience or knowledge with Tarot Cards considers that the cards
Themselves are magical. There’s a superstition on the market which nobody should touch your cards
except on your own, and obviously collectors who invest countless bucks on individual decks
will wait before permitting anybody to manage them (particularly since folks tend
to start shuffling cards as soon as they hold them!) . Many people today think that things can pick up and
keep energy from various individuals or situations, and this also applies to their own Tarot decks up to
anything else. In my experience, many people who harbor any authentic fear of other people touching
their cards are somewhat new to the notion of Tarot, and have not studied the cards or taken the opportunity to
know what Tarot is about. The illustration of an individual who knows nothing about automobiles, kicking
the tires around the showroom floor springs to mind. Tarot cards are not magic. They’re cardboard.

Myth #4 – Tarot Clients are Witches

The reality isthat some are. I have been amazed, however, by how many Individuals still believe that witches
Have some type of spiritual connection to “Satan.” That is not true either. Many Tarot readers are Christian or Jewish; some others are
something else, or nothing in any way. Actually, there are lots of Tarot decks out there which are targeted
toward one faith or another, combining the symbolism and graphics of a distinct spiritual
tradition together with the standard meanings of Tarot to make something which illuminates both

Absolutely not! Everyone can read Tarot cards, so it is only a matter of memorizing some fundamental meanings and becoming used to the various cards from the deck. Obviously, a Number of us think that
Everybody is psychic, but to analyze such a belief, we’d need to choose what it really
Means to become psychic. Suffice it to say, for today, that for
Some folks, Tarot feels as if it functions as a psychic tool.

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