A Concise History of Astrology

2012 has been the symbolic beginning of the Aquarian Age, but according to some, the real start of the Aquarian era is still quite a long way off! In this writer’s view, we really entered the transition period to the Aquarian era a few hundred decades back. Each zodiac era is roughly 2,000 decades long with a few hundred years transition in either end. The age of Pisces began with the era of Christ, roughly 4 B.C.

The Aquarian era is bringing changes as strong since the age of Pisces. These modifications will probably be predicated more on the part of air (self explanatory), as opposed to of plain water (feelings). We’re already embracing a scientific universe filled with engineering and research of all types — from electric to genetic. Radio bandwidths and innumerable wireless apparatus populate our own lives. Information exchange is anywhere and media via air waves, like the net are trivial. Technology has burst using ipads, smart phones, digital music and electronic entertainment of all types.

Aquarius reflects the modern era of sciencefiction. A couple of years prior to the discovery of Uranus, Ben Franklin recognized that lightening was actually a electric current. That followed, the scientific foundation for chemistry and nuclear theory were created. Airplanes were devised, and we took to the skies with aviation in a large way. A new world, once recognized, (and so conscious), becomes intimately correlated with whatever is growing in human development at that moment.

Each new era is established if the Sun rises at a brand new signal on the ecliptic in the March vernal equinox. Spring indicates a new start every year, and also a forthcoming era births a new comprehension of life. The indication of this new age indicates the sort of evolutionary changes that are in store. As an instance, Pisces is the indication of spirituality as well as the three Abraham religions have been created in this period. Pisces is also the indication of suffering and sacrifice, attracting us martyrs like Christ and Joan of Arc. Pisces governs remote places such as monasteries, and interestingly — libraries, hospitals, and prisons grew significantly in this period (and regrettably, dungeons also.) Pisces, the fishes, also principles water electricity, rivers and oceans and this era dissolved many bounds through trade, with a explosion of boats and navigation. Since Pisces is a water sign, people were finding new understanding of the water systems within the body, blood, lymph, chemistry, toxins, vaccinations, medications, and medications which were delivered at a liquid foundation. Freud and Jung developed a new language to describe the spectacle of the instinctive mind and its archetypes. The fishes will also be the indication of illusion, amusement, and the movie industry — and theme parks constructed on creativity such as Disneyland. These recently devised fields participated our dreams, getting a fertile portion of our growing market. We had been learning to create our fantasy worlds a reality!

The rulers of Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus, can appear emotionally cool occasionally or disconnected (i.e. everybody is speaking in their telephones, rather than into a live person). Aquarians generally are extremely idealistic and good-hearted folks, worried about the rights of the person. Aquarius is a democratic indication and they’re freedom-loving and altruistic in their center. They’re also independent entrepreneurs, and frequently self-employed. Uranus brings enlightenment and surprising inspiration or insight. Aquarius is also the indication of radical leaders, but prefers adjustments that could happen throughout the creation of initial thoughts, rather than attaining goals through violence.

Aquarians can be bizarre occasionally and do odd things since they enjoy the unconventional, so expect more tendencies like pink and purple hair. Aquarians can be impatient for developments and frequently rebel against restraints so as to earn a much better world — thus Big Brother see! With the forces of new technologies, there’s a real threat of losing our solitude — so we have to advance carefully. We are living in an era of intelligent meters, artificial intelligence, and surveillance gear of all types. We’re fighting to adapt to the new era of digital money and charge (or debt as some call it!). The intrusion into our personal lives must be carefully tracked, combined with those in power that are making decisions for the rest of us.

In the realm of medicine — center pacers, smart processors and metallic surgical implants are getting to be common location. Holistic health and alternative healing techniques like biofeedback, electronic treatment, acupuncture and several kinds of “energy” medicine will also be spreading. Aquarius also rules religion healing, directing, angels, Reiki, as well as also the invisible realms. It modulates the nervous system within the body — and we are continuously subjected to stimulation of each type, living in a sea of wireless impulses. Can these rapid changes be about the autism epidemic or kids called indigos, who were observed to have a bluish air? Our expertise and comprehension of the world is radically changing. We frequently need to catch our breath with quick Aquarian changes because Uranus would like to break us from molds that are outdated — and these abrupt discoveries could be gotten in systematic ways.

Aquarius is also a religious indication of equality and reasonable chance for all. It’s a indication of the folks and signs a time once the ordinary individual is going to have the best ability to create their own conclusions. Aquarius rules idealistic hopes, objectives and fantasies and functioning within a dedicated community to achieve these goals for the frequent good. The Aquarian age will probably be about attaining our best dreams and ambitions.

We may see the clear indications of the new era change all around us. Expect a lot of changes, because that’s the character of Aquarius, and anticipate many more inventions in technology which will continue to increase our own lives. Aquarius is the indication of rate, UFO’s, aliens and tanks. There’ll be a blooming of private creative liberty and connections of all sorts will become more flexible in their functions and obligations. Folks will have an opportunity to aspire to be — anything they decide to be. Nonetheless, it’s also essential not to overlook the lessons we’ve learned from the prior Piscean era about kindness and love. Maintaining our psychological and spiritual equilibrium is vital so as to earn a calm and graceful change to this brave new world — a joyful reality.


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