Astrology and the Moon

While I really like the tune and often sing it in the very top of my lungs, astrologically it does not say much, it’s only enjoyable. There’s so much controversy regarding the Age of Aquarius and if it should start that I thought that a discussion was so. What’s an era? How can it be created? How long does this last? What is there about the shifting of an era that catches our attention so completely?

Then add all of the debris left over from the creation of the solar system like dwarf planets, asteroids, comets and great old area dust. We surely have a range from which to pick. A few of the cycles are so enormous and demand such enormous time notions that it’s beyond our understanding. I will eliminate these cycles fast so we can invest our time and thought on the more local and present activations. Think circle, large circle, using a whole group of marginally smaller circles contained inside and you’ll get my image of the world. Additionally there could be several universes, just one of which will be ours. Whether they’re in any manner jelqing or about various wavelengths or measurements is part of a continuing discussion. Whatever the answer is, our world is immense and it is increasing at a quick pace.

The present astronomical notion is that what we call the world began with a major bang 13+ billion decades back and has been expanding ever since. What started as a singularity burst out into multiplicity and what’s included within this expanding bubble of action. The thing is dispersed irregularly so some pieces of our world are denser than others. While this bubble grows, the distances between the inner content also grows. Think large circle becoming larger, such as everything contained inside on a certain level or in certain fashion. As the world smashed out into the first emptiness (distance), pockets of action grown and leading nurseries spawned countless celebrities — big ones, small ones, long lived, short lived – with number and variety beyond creativity. Each time our scientists believe that they have a deal on it, it develops and shows more of itself. Think huge! These pockets of potential over centuries of the world’s life evolved into stars with world entourages, galaxies, and most of the wonderful cosmic bodies. There’s such variety that only cataloguing it’s daunting to say nothing of identifying and describing everything.

The galaxies are in continuous movement and at times encounter each other. An individual may cannibalize a different, but continuous movement and change is the standard, with astounding differences recorded as a outcome.

Locally our private galaxy, the Milky Way, is a hybrid of merging galaxies and will become consumed by the considerably bigger Andromeda Galaxy (maybe not anytime soon, do not be worried). We are a part of a regional bunch of about 30 galaxies that rotate around a frequent centre and I don’t have any clue how long a bicycle which could be, I just know that it’s a remarkably long cycle. Our galaxy spins around a frequent centre that’s regarded as a black hole. We exist within an outer spiral ring roughly 3/4 of the far out from the middle of this galaxy. The person galactic twist takes over 200 million years to finish, a massive circle which exists inside the larger group of the galactic cluster, again, circles inside circles.

For our conversation our more manageable and personal circles come from inside our solar system. Each planet has an orbit (ring) in a particular distance from sunlight and these planets also have little bodies in orbit around them. It’s all in constant motion and that movement is essentially circular. Small circles within bigger circles inside… you understand.

We’re physically irregularly formed (that the water well covers up the irregular contours of the planet. That wobble is quantifiable and traces out a circle in the skies that takes only under 26,000 years to finish (different sources give different characters; the source that I use was that the very first one I encountered several decades back, 25,858 yearsago. The background of the circle is that the constellational zodiac of twelve signs. The curved off variant is 26,000 years separated by 12 signals or about 2,160 years per signal and is what’s normally suggested for the duration of one age. There’s a secret to the ages. The polar wobble moves backward through the zodiac signs instead of the forward order we’re utilized to, so the age signals move backward also. For the previous couple of million years we’ve been at the time of Pisces and we’ve already or are going to move in the Age of Aquarius.

There’s a special measuring principle which indicates that the shifting of this era will happen in the 24 to 2600s AD. My explanation is that because there are no written directions, the premise that each of the ages are equivalent may or might not be accurate. If every age is precisely 2160 years (or so) marker to mark then we’re still at the Age of Pisces. If every age isn’t exactly equivalent as the constellations themselves aren’t equivalent, the onset of the new era could already be upon us. I stand to the Age of Aquarius facet of this argument. Why? As I mentioned previously, signs…

Uranus, that has been granted chief influence on Aquarius, was discovered in 1781, five years following the beginning of the USA Revolutionary War. That season also marked the start of the French Revolution. Uranus was sighted before discovery but hadn’t been specifically identified. All of them are predicated in revolution, liberty and innovation and flirted with all the newest age cleaving the way to the future.

It’s stated that the “2nd coming of the Avatar” (religious leader) will happen when the “indication of guy is in the skies.” Well we’ve certainly done this. We’ve left room debris scattered from here to out beyond the edges of the solar system. The area station had needed to determine whether or not to duck a bit of space junk.

The most awesome image to me is that of the black skies of space together with all the white-suited astronaut hanging across the semi-arc of the planet below. Even the “tether” that he had been analyzing is anchored as an umbilical chord since the primary American man floated and flipped into the huge expanse of space just like a kid from the womb of the world. The indication of man is currently in the skies and it’s innovative, innovative, radical, independent and innovative… all of Uranus/Aquarius key words. Bear in mind the Aquarius itself is known as “the indication of guy” and that’s the symbolism which communicates it astrologically.

Additionally, the shifting of an era isn’t a single point in time. There’s a falling from a single signal energy as well as also the initiation of a second – a mixing or mixing that requires approximately 144 years to finish. Why? Considering that the shift happens between the previous amount of an present era and the first amount of the new era, that equals two levels by my mathematics, or 144 decades of period, to finish 1 era and start the next.

Departure of an era wouldn’t be any simpler than normal death. Birth hasn’t been considered simple and that would incorporate the arrival of an era. Birth and death are happening simultaneously which occurs in the end of one age and the commencement of its successor. That is traumatic.

We’ve moved from the time of thinking (emotion not always based in reality) into the era of understanding (intellectual, comprehension as our buddy). To me personally Pisces is our instant history, our legacy that we’d 2000 or so years to understand, It comprises our customs, our understanding, our faith, our present environmental patterning – all that we’ve been through the era. To me personally Aquarius is our today and our potential. We have to learn, understand, research, invent and continue ahead of time. The coming era is becoming stronger and will hold dominance over individual evolution for the subsequent 2000+ years.

Maybe you are one that thinks that we’re still at the Age of Pisces using its own history steeped in the Age of Aries (constantly backward through the zodiac). What would this be like? We’d be driven by emotion, puzzle, enormous participation in art types and spiritual beliefs, the savior/victim mindset with war or domination because our legacy. Maybe we’re on this decisive period of 144 years at which we switch from 1 era to another with all of the mixed messages which come out of change. Which are the chances a period of simultaneous death/birth can provide? Whether you “think” (Pisces) or might like to “understand” (Aquarius) it’ll occur with or without our conscious involvement. The ages unfold at a blueprint, a predictable cycle of energy stronger than our comprehension and it isn’t determined by our unique beliefs. The evolution and the unfolding of the world is right on schedule – that the arrival occurs with or without our involvement or belief. Where is the location in this unfolding bicycle? The option is yours.


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