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That which we all can count on from the prediction of our northeast sky 20 Jan to 19 Feb 2016.

It’s astrological law that if our Sun enters a fixed signal, we’ll be settling in the current season. As our Sun enters Aquarius -the indication that arouses throughout the section of air- that our power is ideal to carry our thoughts and deliver them into a first arrangement. As Winter deepens to the fourteen days of it, honoring escape to refresh our heads will be time well spent, verses resisting now is the time to sit down and consider everything is in need of reorganization.

Making the Most of Our Cycle at Aquarius

The core of Winter 2016 arrives as the manifestation of Mercury Retrograde crosses its’ first complete line of the New Year by 25 January. As our Sun favors that we start again where it’s present every month, our cycle of Aquarius begins off with contemplation. A roaring Full Moon in Leo upon 23 January calls for our yearly inspection as we wane in reassessment till 08 February.

Besides our New Moon 08 February, our Sun transits through Aquarius alone till Mercury finishes his Retrograde Shadow from 13 February. Venus joins three times afterwards upon 16 February. Both will taste the past degrees of our Sun’s 2016 Water Bearer see with motion and stability to be in a position to follow what we find beginning to emerge in improvement and renewal in this area of our lives.

Aquarius energy knowingly aims for knowledge and truth as the skills to explore, co-ordinate, synthesize, reform and plan are incredibly inherent in this Zodiac sign. This station’s positive and negatives enable us to become intellectual or doctrinaire; isolated or distant; scientific or agnostic; unconventional or perverse; and individualistic or anarchical. As our Sun shines its’ mild here through 19 February, our collective attention is really engaged to reap the advantages of what Aquarius asks for us to perform the maximum: escape and redefine our diplomatic senses from where it guides our own lives especially.

The world in control of Aquarius is Uranus, The Reformer, who’s behind all our experiments, liberty, discoveries and creations regardless of what signal he currently cycles inside. Uranus helps us to start to specify generations of period, as his length within any indication lasts approximately 7 decades. A planetary channel which arouses our liberty, invention, eccentricity, and capacity to adapt to abrupt change- we can always anticipated the sudden to disclose whatever reality needing to be analyzed within our today.

Symbolized from The Water Bearer, Aquarius is the indication which wants to bring fresh life to the larger human origin. What stations inside our own lives during Aquarius can lead to absolute brilliance, however the secrets to unlocking the top of our mind and brains just open completely if we cultivate warmth, friendliness, individual touch and functional ability.

Know Your Birthchart A wealth of “timing is everything” data streams from two vantage points which determine the ramifications of present cycles from both our sun sign and our personalized birth graph. Where any world is currently visiting within our “zodiac pies,” opens our secrets to success to comprehend properly scheduling and planning in our own lives to get the perfect results we want to see unfold.


Produce Revelations til 19 Feb
Shine Light On Your Originality & Sophisticated Change


Where Your Recognizing Seeks Sincerity & Excellence

Mercury Retrograde Functions Direct in Capricorn 25 January
Believe Clearly but 13 Feb

Where Your Communications Move Ahead with Cautious & Methodical Perceptions


Where Your Communications Locate Original & Clever Expressions

Venus enters Aquarius 16 February
Value Intellectual Development til 12 Mar

Where Your Recognizing Seeks Freedom and Exploration

As we’re called to be favorable to winter’s intellect, can you embrace the chance to warm up on what awaits that you reform it in your life.


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