The Power of Astrology

The Aquarius Full Moon on August 1-2 opens the doorway to our abundant future. The Sun in inventive Leo is opposing the Moon in advanced Aquarius. We can unite our personal aspirations together with the collective objectives. The complete Moon is an outpouring of energy that is positive, transmuting the reduced negative energies to the light.

This uplifting vibration provides a banquet of ideas and fresh revelations inspiring our aspirations. Aquarius needs us to Fight Large and Think Big. Old issues can discover new alternatives.

“If you’d simply reach for the thought that feels better, then reach for the thought that feels better – what will come into alignment to you. You can not pull back your desires, because whenever you do, comparison will create a different one. Your needs are romping, and the further you manage your immunity, the quicker your needs will proceed. Along with the quicker your needs go without immunity, the better you feel.” ~ Abraham

The Aquarius Full Moon provides us fresh ideas, resulting in constructive connections and fresh sources of revenue. This astrology expands our chances. We believe better. We feel more competent. We’re all set to undertake new jobs. Jupiter in harmonious energy flow into the significant lights (both the Sun and the Moon) is useful for enhancing our relationships. Thus, we could magnetize new friends and fans through our joy–fascination in actions.


♥ What exactly are you dreaming?
We do not wish to control and dominate. We would like to collaborate and co-create collectively–win/win relationships. Soul mates enable one another and challenge us in healthful ways.

Sophisticated Uranus is Aquarius ruling world. Uranus is at harmonious energy flow into the Sun and Moon. Uranus is arousing our intuition, confidence, generosity, and creativity. We can alter in a new leadership given our brand new outlook.

Look closely at life-changing messages and synchronicity these can affirm that we’re on the ideal path.

Mercury is at a beautiful energy stream with Uranus, Mars and Jupiter. Mercury’s significance is for us to believe with our soul (Leo Sun) and also behave on our instinct (Aquarius Moon). Magic happens!

Mercury moves direct to August 8 providing us “green lights” ahead. That is our time to proceed with our plans, jobs and relationships.

It’s inspiring men and women who live away from their hearts. Heart-centered living is your new energy. This is the way we do business in 5D: Folks, then Gaia and subsequently gain. We had been destined to reside creative, rich and happy lives with all our soul mates. Our dawning Age of Aquarius are individuals that are living authentically, abundantly, and peacefully, while respecting the faith and beliefs of all people. This can be world peace.

“Your awakening by the insanity of hatred, debate, and warfare is inevitable. And that second is drawing ever nearer. Concentrate on this Love and about the Light that all these are holding on high, discharge from all their debts on whom you’ve ever tried to impose a feeling of guilt – regardless of the reason and however correct it might appear to you – and – forgive yourselves and most of humankind to your pain and distress that all have suffered. The ages of anguish, of sin, of remorse, of condemnation, and punishment that you’ve suffered for so long will be to finish, eternally. There’s a brand new age awaiting youpersonally, and as you enter into it your pleasure will be infinite.”

I’m not far from where the film theater shooting happened. My heart goes out to all of people who’ve lost loved ones and have been traumatized by this dreadful event. Beautiful households have lost their cherished nearest and dearest. We must pray for their recovery mentally, spiritually, emotionally and emotionally.

We wish to concentrate on the actions of bravery, heroism and courage which happened by the wonderful folks of Aurora. As an example, the movie lovers, the authorities and medical care have really come together and assisted each other at a period of shocking tragedy.

The very best actions we can take is to deliver favorable Love/Light power to all people who are here in Colorado and during our precious world. We’re all family. All Are One. The Love/Light Energy engulfing Gaia and her kids is higher than all dark energy.

“The most favorable help you can provide is by maintaining your focus on the Light and if a lot of you get it done, it’s a strong force that reduces the impact of these reduced energies.”


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