Finding Hope and Love With Scorpio

These guys are passionate in all facets of their lives and are normally highly intelligent. These men love being in the limelight for a while and then fade into the background only to emerge again for more adoration. They love compliments and praise, but do not give them false flattery. The Scorpio man will know whether you’re lying and they can’t stand to spend time using a liar.

You’ve got to be a strong woman to entice a Scorpio male. You must have discipline, purpose and be determined in everything that you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re merely determined and purposeful in an arts and crafts industry, or if you’re disciplined in the martial arts. Provided that it is possible to show a Scorpio man that you have those traits, you can win his respect. You must also be ready to work hard, because Scorpio men are often self-motivated to make something of their own lives. You want to be patient because they want time to themselves at times for introspection. If you’re able to respect that need and also you may provide your support when he needs you without being overbearing, then a Scorpio man will find you considerably more attractive.

The Scorpio man is well known for being controlling. He wants someone who’s fine with his controlling tendencies, but that is not a doormat. He needs a woman who will stand him up and can be on her own, but that will not make him look bad in public or disrespect him. While they are known to occasionally stray, Scorpio guys won’t ever wander so long as the woman they’re interested in has an air of mystery. Keep him guessing about you and keep surprising him. Scorpio men adore those traits in a woman

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