How to Attract Beautiful Women

The Sagittarius female is filled with life, independent, idealistic, and a fan of knowledge and traveling. That’s why plenty of guys would go out of the way to woo her. Being flirtatious and playful, Sagittarius ladies seem pretty simple to get. But, keeping a female curious is the problem that they need to overcome. Sagittarius females become bored easily. They tend to search for new things to try or new people to associate with. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when seeking to attract Sagittarius girls.

It may seem shallow, but women (generally) give high regards to a nicely dressed man. When going out, ensure that you dress better than your friends. Do not overdo it though. Dress up for the event. Do not wear a suit if it is not a formal gathering and do not wear jeans at an official party. A few of the things to check out are fingernails and shoes. Seriously, if you can not keep those clean (they are in plain sight) then girls won’t need to learn about things they can not see. Accessories are good also. Normally a wrist watch or a bracelet is sufficient. Again, do not over accessorize.

2) Maintain Her Amused. It is not all about the looks. Sagittarians are highly philosophical and intellectual men and women. On the other hand she also loves laughter and fun. So engage her in a mild but stimulating conversation. Talk about business but do not be overly technical (unless she asks). Talk about her most recent trip or your travel plans within the upcoming few months. Or an exotic restaurant that you need to try out.

Nothing drives a female Sagittarian mad than an enigmatic guy. In flirting together, the push and pull theory totally works! Going off and on will keep them wondering what is up and keep them interested. It offers an atmosphere of mystery that messes up with their perceptions. Just a small amount of tip here however, do not overdo it trigger Sagittarians also get bored easy. If they think you are playing games or taking too long to reach the stage they would move to another prospect.

Do not show them attention the entire time. Be the person who’s worthy of attention! Or at least make yourself look like the most eligible bachelor in the room. She would be thinking of strategies to win a “prize” and she would want the one with the maximum value. Additionally, being the prize does not mean being sexy or gorgeous or witty is sufficient. You need to prove you’re a prize in different aspects like virtue. Honesty, faithfulness and with a fantastic heart goes a long long way.

She is independent and she enjoys it that way. You must respect that. She doesn’t need to get tied up. Do not request a commitment after two months of going out with her. Do not give her an ultimatum and refrain from being overly clingy (yes guys can be that way too).

Additionally, the best way to maintain a Sagittarius girl interested and amused is to explore with her.


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