Indications of a Sagittarius Man

They’re loving and tender, but can at times be sensitive to a fault. Sagitarrians are fire signs, so they’re normally a enthusiastic and excited group. You must beware that it’s simpler to harm a Sagittarius person’s feelings than any other sign, since they’ll take every word you say to heart and not necessarily warn you if they’re offended or otherwise saddened.

A Sagittarius might also not have the ability to admit to his feelings when they first arise, since they are extremely introspective and need to digest what they’re feeling before they’re capable of expressing it. This can often look like he’s holding a grudge, but in fact, he’s just trying to find out just what he feels so that he does not say the wrong thing when he brings it up with you. This is the reason he might appear closed off initially, and then a week or even a month after he’ll let you know what he was feeling at the moment. It may be frustrating to deal with a Sagittarius’s emotions in this way, but in case you’re able to learn how to communicate him, he’ll trust you more and be more receptive.

They would conquer hell or high water to be there for those they love, which love is unconditional. This is not to say that you can “get away with” anything in the connection — once burnt, a Sagittarius is very likely to recoil from the connection and not trust anybody — you or another lover — for a lengthy time.

The Sagittarius in bed will be a very extreme and giving lover. They are quite sensual and will take any chance to be intimate with you, but they aren’t in it for a “quickie.” When you’re making love to a Sagittarius person, while it’s a casual or more significant relationship, you can expect it to be an all-night ordeal. A romantic relationship with a Sagittarius can be quite rewarding emotionally and sexually, but you’ll definitely have to be wary and comprehension of his sensitivity.

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