The Meaning of Life

People with very little familiarity with Tarot symbolism have a visceral reaction when they see the Death card in a reading.

The sight of an armor-clad skeleton on horseback accompanied by the word ‘Death’ is fearsome and meant to catch attention. Death is certain and he takes no prisoners.

However, our armor-clad horseman carries a flag. Its seeds lie in the middle.

But dead plants fertilize soil that permits new growth.

This is the power and the Practice of Scorpio.

During our lives we always die and regenerate. We discard old habits and behaviour patterns which outlive their usefulness. Rarely is this done without a battle. The status quo, even an embarrassing status quo, is generally less disagreeable than our fear of change. So it could take the action of another or an outside event to induce us to proceed.

Scorpio’s transformations are seldom straightforward. But if we did not change, we would stay children in decaying mature bodies, never growing, never taking responsibility, never experiencing life.

So consider Scorpio as the ‘roto-rooter’ of the mind, cleaning out our psychic gunk so we can proceed.

Nonetheless, some deaths are bodily. And finally we, too, will fulfill our own physical death.

And there is the basis of our fear.

However, the reward for facing down our anxiety is transformation and rebirth. We’re changed and creative energy becomes ours.

In myth, the god Pluto is the correlated with power and wealth. When we successfully alter we are enriched and we receive the gift of our power.

Lots of people with an emphasis of Scorpio or Pluto energy in their graphs experience life as a series of high highs and low lows. They intuitively know how to use and collect power. Many such individuals also attract wealth.

The question is if they’ll use it for good or ill. Drug lords and organized crime families exemplify the adverse use of Scorpio’s energy that provides the sign such a bad reputation. However, a skilled therapist uses the energy for healing.

His company, Microsoft, is widely known for its rigorous business practices. Because of this, it climbed to control and alter the computer industry. He has since left his daily duties to use his vast wealth and knowledge to alleviate the effects of AIDS and other disorders in the next world.

Banks, credit card issuers, mortgage and insurance businesses are types of companies associated with Scorpio. They amass vast quantities of money and function to change and empower their clients – for a price. A mortgage can enable you and transform your own life by helping you to purchase a house. In return you’re yoked to a monthly payment for several years.

On the surface it’s extremely calm and still. Underneath, it roils with fire.

Scorpio’s energy brings us inward, so we might feel more introspective when planets traveling through the sign. And since its action is under the surface we may feel moody and intense.

Because it’s intimately involved with death and procreation it’s able to check at ugliness and decay, not flinch. Not blinded by idealism or illusion, it understands all people are capable of both good and bad, kindness and cruelty. Using its watery intelligence it’s able to sniff others out may want to keep conceal.

We get Scorpio’s knowledge in the gut – not the mind.

It is going to quietly wait and watch until its prey falls into its own trap. And so Scorpio people (anybody with several planets in Scorpio or a solid Pluto) are preliminary investigators. They are usually found in areas like law enforcement, investigative reporting, intelligence, and research.

It takes its time until it fully trusts. But when it does it is quite loyal. But if Scorpio is betrayed, it will most likely say nothing – but it is going to remember, forever.

But its transformative purpose is essential to our survival and growth. It can drag us into the lowest depths, but when we operate with its energies in a mature, grounded manner, it may take us to the greatest heights. And prepared us for the ride of our life: Sagittarius.



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