The Way to Keep Your Relationship Alive

You finally got your perfect mate so the question now becomes: how can you maintain your Sagittarius partner? It will not stop at getting the Sagittarius person you have been targeting. You may have seduced them or got them to date you but what is going to keep them with you?

Sagittarians are not really players; they are the most loyal spouses. But they should be always on the go. There needs to be a variety in what they do and what they have. So it is just fair to do the exact same thing for them. Do not be a lazy spouse. Generally speaking, if you would like something work on it. It is a two way process so that you must remember to give as much as you take.

The horoscopes state Sagittarius people are happy men and women. They’re fun, are always filled with laughter and very busy. Start there and find out interesting things you can do collectively. Take a married couple for instance. After a couple of months of being together they stop going out frequently and the honeymoon stage finishes. They begin to construct a safe family that they forget to work in their relationship also. The “honeymoon stage” does not really have to end. Try to return to the way you were before when you began dating. You get butterflies on your tummy? That is how it should always sense. Do not stop doing the activities you used to do if you’re just dating if both of you still enjoy doing that. Or try something new also. A Sagittarius spouse will get bored if he or she comes home and all you’ve got to talk about are the bills you will need to pay or the roof you need to get fixed or what is up in the most recent reality TV show. Now if you said you have signed up both of you in that reality TV show then that will get their attention.

Focus on the little things. When dating, it is natural to compliment your date about the clothing they wear. Concerning the effort they went through just so that they can think of a romantic date. Once in a relationship people neglect to observe these tiny things. It said in a tune that: “it is those small things that mean so much” and it is true.

Everything boils down to the simple fact of both of you maintaining your relationship as sexy and as exciting as if you were first dating. The blossoms, small tokens, candle light dinners, out of town excursions (only the two of you) does not have to end just because you are married and already have children or you already feel secure about the connection.

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