The Way to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You

So you wish to pull a Scorpio man for your next boyfriend? Do the qualities associated with a Scorpio man make you feel that you would be a fantastic fit for you? While the absence of scientific evidence makes other men and women scoff, astrology might be a guiding influence for you. If this is the case, you want to be certain that any man you date works with your sign. You also want to select a man with the qualities that you really value in a guy.


The normal Scorpio man is characterized by a whole lot of passion in everything he is involved in, whether it’s his job, personal interests, or a girl. Occasionally he indulges his passions to excessive, as in food and beverage, but his enthusiasm for women makes him a real romantic. They’re also quite aggressive and love to win in whatever they undertake. Finally, they are generally very protective of the girls they love.

Now that you know a bit more about the Scorpio man, how do you draw him and then hold onto him?

Respond to his fire.

If you prefer things tidy and unemotional, a Scorpio man isn’t for you. But if you enjoy a life filled with passion and love, a Scorpio man will provide you that freely. So as to earn a Scorpio man fall for you, you have to let him see that you’re a romantic and passionate gal. Now’s not the time to be about programs and chore lists. Give him a burning kiss and allow him to plan the most romantic date conceivable.

Find healthy outlets for contest.

This can make for plenty of fun, so locate outlets through games and sports to get a little friendly competition. Avoid getting into battle in which there is just a win-lose solution.

Don’t attempt to make him jealous.

You are just playing with fire with a Scorpio man if you attempt to make him jealous. Appreciate his protective nature, but not attempt to get his attention by employing another man as bait. He will either pull away from you or place his passionate nature into drama and lash out. Prevent both of those possibilities by showing your devotion. If you are not a one-man girl, do not select a Scorpio. But if you prefer loyalty in a man, a Scorpio man may be a perfect option.

If you feel that the stars can control your destiny, and a Scorpio sounds like the ideal man for you, then follow these suggestions to see if you’re able to capture his attention and make a heavenly relationship. How to Pull a Scorpio guy? Just stick to the stars!

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