You Might Be Able to Get him to Love you

If you do not like experience, have a whole lot of energy, and are spontaneous, then you should really find somebody else. A Sagittarius person is very adventurous, and they never let anything stop them – like you. These guys love a thrill. They are the ones you’ll discover white water rafting, rock climbing, or enjoying some type of intense game which you might or may not understand. They are extremely hard workers, and if they have the money and inclination, they’re liable to just go on a trip to somewhere that grabs their attention with no warning.

If he feels he’s in a cage, then he is going to be gone before you can blink. He’s a casual approach to life, and a propensity to be a somewhat sloppy housekeeper. This is because he’s so busy thinking of journeys, games, and anything but cleaning. When things get dull, he gets bored, and is very likely to go searching for excitement elsewhere. The Sagittarius man is extremely independent and he doesn’t like his spouse to be clingy. He’s a pioneer, and needs to understand he is not only reliable but respected.

To acquire this man’s heart, you will need to be independent. If you need your guy with you wherever you go, this is not the best one for you. You need to be open to new adventures, new items, and prepared to listen to all of his experiences. Accept the fact that he’s more worried about experience than cleaning, or with fantasies of the future as opposed to getting his tires repaired. He’ll like to hear about all your personal experiences, but if you lie, he’ll know it in a minute and be very unhappy about it. Start off by being his great friend.

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