Prophetic Ministry is a prophetic ministry.  We offer prophetic words via chat, phone and email.  Prophet Angelic is a full time prophetic reader and has been giving prophetic words since he was a teenager. He has over 30 years of professional reading experience.

Our ministry is online. We write articles about prophecy, Christianity, prophecy, spirituality, psychics and much more. Our mission is to provide prophetic insights into people’s lives that are hurting and struggling with life situations.  People call our ministry to discuss important details concerning their life.

In today’s complex world, it is hard to know whom you can trust.  We encourage all our callers to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We minister to many Christians and non-Christians alike.  This ministry has been operating since 2004.  We are not a not for profit organization.  Therefore, we ask our clients to pay a fee to get prophetic insights for their lives.

Prophet Angelic is a born again Christian believer.  He got saved at the young age of 13.  Over the years, he has ministered to men and women from different walks of life.  Our goal is to answer your questions about your life.

We invite you to listen to our videos and podcasts. We post these on a regular basis. Please tell your friends about us.  Our prophetic ministry has served over 40,000 clients to date.  God, bless you in Jesus name! Please tell your friends about us by liking us on Your Facebook page.