I Can’ t take It anymore. I need a prophetic word.

Getting a prophetic word now a days is a bit difficult.  Most people from around the world want to get direction from a prophetic minister.  However, finding an accurate prophet is harder than finding a “needle in a haystack”. I guess you can say that it takes time to find someone that has a true prophetic gift.

From an early age, Angelic has been ministering to his clients.  He has been giving them prophetic words with accuracy. Many people ask, “Why is Angelic using the name psychic?”  It is mainly because people often refer to prophets as psychics in today’s society.  Many psychics are Christian.  We have long moved passed the days of old where a person had to be either witch or a prophet. Today, prophets are using all sorts of titles. Even pastors are calling themselves Apostles, Master prophets, evangelists, teachers and so forth. I recently heard a pastor on television calling himself Apostle Prophet Pastor So and So….  I was shocked that he needed so many titles to describe himself.

Angelic has a rare prophetic gift.  He is a born again Christian and talks to the Lord daily in prayer. He prays for his clients and asks God to help them with their needs. He can tap into the past, present and future. He can see a lot of what you may not be able to see.

When you have a relationship with the Lord, you should be able to hear from him yourself.  However, Christians and non-Christians alike still seek the help of prophetic ministers for confirmation and direction.  It is hard to say why a lot of men and women cannot hear accurately from the Lord or to find their own direction.  It is true that you need to take matters one step at a time. In time, you will be able to see for yourself that you can move forward and see life a lot more clearly.  Sometimes in life you must see for yourself what is going to work and not work.  Getting a prophetic word is a lot like asking a fellow brother or sister in the Lord to help you with a problem that you are having.

Psychic Angelic has had the privilege of giving well over 40,000 prophecies.  He usually gives anywhere between 10 and 20 prophetic words in a single day.  Yes, many people consult with Angelic to find answers for their lives.

Most people that call into our prophetic line say that they are searching for answers. They want to know more about their love life or financial situation.  The two biggest questions that are asked are about love and money.

Tell Me What You See Prophet

Prophecy allow you to see into the future and your own life. You may be shocked to find out that people from all walks of life say that they can get the help that they need from a prophetic minister.  Angelic has spent years perfecting his prophetic abilities.  Some people say that they feel like they can start a whole new life because of his guidance.

Starting a new life each day is something that you should look for in life.  Spending time with God in prayer and Bible reading is the best way to hear from God and to get closer to him.  When we worship God, we feel a sense of peace, love and patience. It is important to meditate on the scriptures. Allow Jesus to see that you are calling out to him.  Being getting a prophetic word, you should always ask God if it’s his will for you to do so.  Bring a pen and paper to your telephone and write down what a prophetic minister tells you. You may be happy to find out that your prayers are getting answered through someone that you are speaking to over the phone.

You may find that getting a prophetic word takes time.  It can take years to hear and understand the prophetic messages that you are receiving.  Many people that are stuck in a painful marriage may say that it’s easier to get out. However, a prophet may see things a lot different. He/she may tell you that they see the marriage getting healed or repaired. Many people are shocked to find out that they can open their hearts up to something that feels right.  If the Lord is leading you to a prophetic minister, then it’s probably for a good reason.

A few years back, a woman whom I shall call Patty came to Angelic for a reading. She was about to give up on love.  Every relationship that she got herself into landed up in disaster. She couldn’t figure out what she was doing wrong. She prayed every day and asked God to be with her in the relationship. She couldn’t see the “light”.

She began asking Angelic for a prophetic word. Angelic gave her a prophetic word and she began to feel a sense of peace. Angelic was telling her that she already knew from the very beginning that the people that she was dating were not right for her from the beginning.  These men and women were not born again and they didn’t even practice Christian principles. She was hoping to change them because all the men that she kept on meeting were doing the same thing. After speaking to Angelic, she could see for herself that she was trying to change people instead of accepting someone for who they were.  She was chasing men that she already knew would either cheat on her or break up with her in a few months.  It was a cycle that needed to be broken.

You better change or I am dumping you.

As Angelic looked into her life a lot more, he realized that her mother and grandmother had the same problem. This was a generational choice that they were making. Every woman in her mother’s family line seemed to go through divorce, painful break ups and loneliness in their elder years. They all seemed to be picking the wrong guys from the very beginning.

This can often happen to men and women that are watching what goes on around them and repeating the same mistakes.  Patty wasn’t looking for a soulmate. Instead, she was looking for someone to repair and to make perfect for herself. Unfortunately, only God can do that.  We can never hope that the person that we are with will change for the better.

If you are dating someone right now that is not a good fit for your life, you may have to change that.  If you don’t know why you are making some of the decisions that you are making, then you should surely seek out why.  Spend time in prayer and fellowship with the Lord. Many Christians find the need to speak to a therapist/counselor for various reasons.

In Angelic’s prophetic walk with God, he has seen people change their lives around for the better.  Their life may have started out being tough. However, after a few months and even years, they changed their life around.

Many businesses today suffer as well.  People often fail to see how to change the business around to be profitable. Many people wonder what they should be doing to find success in multiple areas of their lives.

It is important to always ask yourself what the future is going to hold for you and why.  The prophetic word can guide you.  Many Christian business men and women say that they want to see into the future about their business.  They want to know what will happen if they go one way or another.  In life, you must take a careful look at the future and what it has in store for you.  Did you know that the Lord does reveal mysteries to his prophets?  All throughout the Old Testament, Prophets would see dreams and visions for kings and regular people.  They would tell of famines that were to come. They would tell of painful moments that would one day happen if the King did not take an action.  Prophecy is still working the same today.

Prophets are called to different kinds of work in today’s world. Many prophets today are called to helping: pastors, men and women of the faith, non-Christians, presidents and people in leadership.  Many men and women in leadership call on the advice of a prophet. Most people do this secretly.

The internet makes it easy to consult with prophets for a prophetic word. The reason for this is that you can seek out someone that you need help from by simply “Googling” it.  When you look for a prophetic minister on Google, good things come to you. You begin to see new lights and practices. Your mind begins to see a lot of change and you begin to look at yourself in new ways. You can easily look for change in life and see that you don’t have to find any sorrow or pain in life.  Everything always happens for a reason.

Many prophets are known for their prophetic words. If you seek out the calling of a prophetic minister, you should get what you hoped for.  It is important to keep an open mind. Prophets often know that they have a lot of insight. In today’s world, prophets need to get a full-time salary if they hold the office of a prophet.  Many Christians have a belief that a prophet should not charge money for a prophetic word.  However, they often have no problem blabbing about their problems to a prophetic minister for 20 minutes to well over an hour.  They often think that they are the only person that the prophet must speak to. Even though many people think that they are the only ones speaking to the prophet, the prophet often has a line of people waiting to hear a prophetic word after they are gone.  We are living in a culture that welcomes the prophetic word. Many people today want to seek out help from a psychic because there are answers out there waiting to be heard. Prophecy is something that takes time to master.  If Christians support their local pastor, then pastors and all ministers should be supported as well.

Many Christians in ministry work a regular 9 to 5 job and do minister at the same time.  This is perhaps the most difficult job of all. This works great for single people. However, for married people, it doesn’t work out so well. You only have so many hours in a day to give ministry to someone, work and take care of your family at the same time. Most ministers that work part time don’t take on roles as senior pastor or prophet. The main reason is because they don’t have the time to do so.

It is great to has a passion for the Lord and for loving people. However, one must ask themselves if they are ready to give God their heart.  When you give Jesus your heart and spend time with him in the word, the Lord will speak to you daily.

If you are a prophetic minister, know that it takes time to develop your prophetic gifts. It can take years. Most prophets don’t reach maturity until they have hit their mid-point in life. Others hear from God from an early age.  It is important for you to get the prophetic word right for your clients.

Accurate Prophetic Words

If you are asking yourself if you are a prophet, you may very well be. Many people think that you are automatically going to give accurate prophetic words just because you became a Christian. However, this is not the case. Many men and women feel called to be a pastor.  However, they often fail to preach well until they have had experience in preaching. Many Christians today want to fulfill their dreams of the prophetic ministry. However, many fails to realize that not everyone is going to accept your words.  Most prophets are shocked to find out that their pastor doesn’t support their prophetic gift. Most pastors in evangelical circles will not welcome your prophetic words or prophecy. They would rather you not say anything prophetic around the fellow members and visitors of the church.  Some prophets are called to say a prophetic word in public and often do so. It makes it hard to feel rejected by your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. However, know that God is in full control and that you must follow him always.

The prophetic word is something that should not be taken lightly. Many people ask themselves how they can overcome the fear of prophecy. For starters, know that your prophetic gift is going to help someone that is in need. We are often harder judges on ourselves than others are on us.  People are often grateful that you are taking the time out of your busy day to give them a prophetic word.  No matter what happens in life, remember who you are as a person.

If you are the person getting a prophetic word, know that it takes time to receive a word from the Lord.  Ask the prophet questions, but don’t put so much pressure on them. Wait and see what they must say to you.  Also, don’t interrupt the prophet.  Make sure that you use courtesy and manners when giving predictions.  The prophetic word takes time to master and put together. It is important to ask yourself why you are getting a prophetic word to begin with.

The prophetic word should bring you a lot closer to God. It should allow you to see that the Lord has something special in store for you.  A wise man once told me to “Let go and let God.”

Prophecy seems to be making a strong comeback in the 21st century. We seem to be living in the day of Noah. Love has grown cold and false and true prophets are arising all over the earth.  The internet makes it easy for people to tune into profits from around the world and for many different reasons. Ask yourself what matters the most to you in the world. Ask God to give you answers for that.  Pray for people that are not taking their life seriously.  If you know of someone that needs a prophetic word, please send them to Aopsy.com to get a reading with Angelic. You will find that his prophetic words help people to see the light in their lives.

Prophecy is not going anywhere.  It seems to be getting stronger because people are demanding it more. The psychic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. This means that people are calling upon psychics from all walks and stages of life.  Praise God that we are seeing the rise of true prophets in our lifetime.  Other generations were not able to see all of what you are seeing right now.