The Most Powerful Clairvoyant That Ever Lived

Most people that are connected to the psychic industry has heard of Edgar Cayce.  Edgar Cayce was a man that was clairvoyant.  He would put himself into a sleep like state and begin giving a reading on a person’s soul.  Edgar Cayce was a Christian and never dealt with the occult or any modern day new age teaching.  Today, he is a “sleeping prophet”.  He was known throughout the world in the 20th century.  Nobody ever knew how Edgar Cayce could see into the spirit world so accurately.  How could a man with minimal education diagnose and treat diseases?

Edgar Cayce was known for healing sickness and disease within the body using psychic readings.  He even healed his own family members through his readings.  When he tapped into the spirit world for answers, the answers came to him so easily.  His secretary recorded over 14,000 of his readings.  Today, Edgar Cayce is still researched by the medical industry. It is astonishing how he could diagnose sickness better than a doctor could.

The art of clairvoyance has been practiced for thousands of years.  The Old Testament has the original clairvoyants.  Prophets of the Old Testament would be considered clairvoyants in today’s world.

Edgar Cayce could see visions of his grandfather that was deceased. He began seeing his deceased grandfather when he was only 4 years old. It was clear that his prophetic abilities were born inside of him.  Clairvoyants often have a sense of their abilities at a young age.  It is not uncommon to hear a clairvoyant say that they can see into the past, present and future as a young child.

Many parents are often unsure of what to do when a child tells them that they can see and hear spirits.  Some parents wonder if their child is bi-polar, schizophrenic or something of a mental disorder.  In the 21st century, parents are beginning to learn about psychic abilities and have even come to accept their child as being different.  Children that have psychic abilities should be tested by their parents.  If your child is experiencing psychic abilities, write down what your child is saying to you.  You may have a better understanding as to whether your child is dealing with a mental disorder or really talking to spirits.

I was knowing a parent that had a child that could pick up names of the deceased. She would say, “Helen told me that she is unhappy because Gus took over her home before she died.”  I told the mother to write these things down and try to gather information as to whether her daughter was indeed picking up ghosts.

Sure enough, the mother did find information on both Gus and Helen. It was found out that they both owned the home at one point.  Her daughter was indeed showing psychic ability. Nothing was wrong with her mentally.  We should put a person to the test as to whether a person is communicating with spirit or with their own mind.