Merry Christmas to All from Psychic Angelic

Today is December 26, 2017 and I just celebrated my 45th Christmas.  It is amazing that I have been giving psychic readings since I was around 15 years of age.  I can remember the early stages of my prophetic ministry.  Once my friends, family and strangers found out that I was psychic, everyone started coming to me for clairvoyant readings.  At this stage of my life, I feel that my life purpose is to help people by seeing into the future for them.  I find it to be a blessing to giving insights into people’s lives.

I am always appreciative of the family that God has blessed me with. I can honestly say that Christmas gets better for me as I age.  As a child, we wake up to Christmas presents being under the tree. We pray that Santa Clause brings us all of the toys that we want.  As we get older, we either grow to love Christmas more or despise it.  We can either grow with each Christmas feeling like we are connected to our present state or we can focus on the past.  The past often upsets us.  It’s mainly because we want to think about the families and friends that were once in our lives.  Perhaps they still are and things have gotten better or worse.  Either way, the mind is tricky.  We often want to remember our lives for various reasons.

I find that living in the present moment is the best way to living without fear, anxiety and depression. If we can only focus on the now, we don’t have to remember what happened last year or the years before.  Know that you cannot change anything from your past. Therefore, living for this present Christmas is a blessing that most people don’t know much about.  I praise God for giving me another year.  I thank God for allowing me to have friends around me that care.

As I age, I see that it is more joyful to work in my calling than in anything else that I possibly could be doing.  When God calls you to a specific ministry in life, you should fulfill that calling.  No matter what your calling may be, do it to the best of your abilities.  I am happy to say that God is with us each and every step of the way.

In order to perfect your own psychic abilities, always ask God what his will is for your life.  Learn how to give free psychic readings to people that ask for one. In this way, you can increase your own abilities and learn how to read properly.  The best way for anyone to be a better psychic, one must seek God and ask him for his will.  After that, trust God that he will give you the right words to say to someone that may be asking for a reading.  As time goes on, you will come to see how many lives you have touched and changed over the years.  Merry Christmas Everyone!

Why Prophecy Tells Me That There is More to Life Then We Know It

Prophecy is something that completely blows my mind.  I have been giving psychic readings since I was a small child.  As I give prophetic words to people, I come to see their life in a different light than they may be able to see. I know that my prophetic words have deep meaning to people that are searching for answers.

As I put my mind into the spirit world, I often pick up on specific details for my clients. I often get a name or specific information that only my client knows. With only a name, I can see deep into the spirit world.  I am shocked because there is no way that I could know the answers to my client’s questions without me being psychic.  As my clients confirm to me that my prophecy is connecting to something deep within them, I am amazed.  I can honestly say that the gift of prophecy is something that a lot of people do not understand.  I understand now as a mature prophetic minister that the human brain/spirit can tap into a future that is going t happen. This leads me to believe that everything in life is predestined to happen.

The Power Behind My Psychic Abilities

My psychic abilities help me to clearly see into the past, present and future.  I can tap into a spiritual world that many people know nothing about.  My life is always about moving along in a more positive direction. I like to figure out what works for me and what there is to learn about in life. You can easily learn what you want and go after what is most meaningful to you.

Psychic abilities have a lot to do with who we are as a person.  If you are gifted, you can use your mind to tap into anything that exists in the universe.  This often happens for me when I have nothing on my mind and I can focus on one question at a time.  Some of my best psychic readings have been those that have been done in silence. This means that nobody was asking me questions in person or on the telephone.  I look at my spiritual gift as being something that helps people.  My psychic gifts and abilities are meant to help people to see into their question or problem a lot more clearly.

The Psychic Meaning Behind the Sixth Sense

What does it mean to be psychic?  For some, its about developing an awareness into the spirit world and seeing the universe in ways that we never have before.  Its about learning who we are when we are giving prophecy to those that are in need.

In every gifted psychic, there is a powerful meaning as to what they are seeing and thinking.  I often feel “psychic” when I am all alone and focusing on what matters most to those that I am giving a reading for.

Psychic gifts often run in families.  Some families say that they have a sibling or parent that has the gift as well.  Once a family realizes that they are gifted, it is often said that the gift stays within the family.

A Psychic Reading is An Example of Clairvoyance

The late Edgar Cayce was the first clairvoyant to ever open the phrase “psychic reading” to the public.  A psychic reading meant that Edgar Cayce was reading a person’s spirit.  It became evident that he was able to see into a person’s life through the questions that they asked.  He also saw into the universe by his visions.

Many people think that a psychic reading has to do with a person using astrology, tarot cards and the occult.  However, in the 21st century, a psychic reading is a way of considering a person’s life to see the past, present and future.  A person must look deep into the spiritual world to discover the psychic within themselves.

As you develop a relationship with God, you can hear his voice. For me, its about gaining clarity into my own life situations.  A psychic reading should communicate to you what the spirit world is trying to say to you in different ways.

Psychic Chat Online Readings Can Be Effective

When I first started giving psychic readings, I did them in person.  The internet was not around yet.  When the internet starting to be born, I began doing psychic readings via telephone.  I would simply talk to people over the telephone about their lives.  I would give psychic readings to people that were calling me about love, money, career and spirituality.

As the early part of the 21st century became born, I began focusing my time and attention to psychic chat online. Psychic chat online would become the new format for giving psychic readings. It is said that most people today prefer chat over phone. I guess it’s because most people are spending their time on the internet chatting with people.  It makes sense that someone would want to have a reading done for them on the internet.

Today, I would say around 50% of my readings are given via chat.  I find that chat readings make someone feel more comfortable. It’s not always easy calling a stranger for a psychic reading over the telephone. Sometimes it helps to know that a friendly voice is on the internet waiting to chat with you.  I often get visions for my clients as I type. I would say that the internet has created a lot of happy customers over the years. I think that a psychic chat online reading can help you to find true love or money because the spiritual adviser can tell you what they see in their vision for you.

At this stage of my life, I like to feel like the people around me are getting something out of my gift.  Helping people on the internet is rewarding.  I find that most people don’t understand how much the spirit is speaking to them all the time.