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Thank you for choosing Psychic Angelic.  Psychic Angelic is a passionate and gifted clairvoyant reader.

Getting a psychic reading with Angelic is easy.  The cost of the psychic reading is just $4.99 per minute.  Our payment system is secure, fast and easy.  You can easily get a psychic reading by clicking on Psychic Angelic’s chat or phone button anywhere on this website. Easily login to your user account.  If you need help with setting up your account or having trouble locating the call/chat now buttons, simply contact us online, email us or call/text us at (561) 907-6689. New users click here to sign up for an account.

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Or, if you are more comfortable calling your adviser, you can place a call into Click4Advisor’s Dial-in Service at 1-888-626-7386. Please be sure to have your Dial-in ID, your PIN, and the Adviser’s Dial-in ID that you would like to speak with (you can find the Adviser’s Dial-in ID on the adviser’s profile). Before you can use the call in system, you need to have a user account.  If the specific adviser that you are looking to speak with is unavailable or if you’re just not sure which adviser to pick, you may also select from the teleprompter’s menu of options to hear a list of our top-ranking advisers that are currently available to speak with you (after entering your dial-in ID and PIN, press 4 from the main menu, then press 2). Psychic Angelic’s Pin # is 132046

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Get a Psychic Reading in 3 Easy Steps

  • Click here to Create Your Click4Advisor Account Online.
  • New customers get 3 minutes free upon signup using coupon code Angleic37.  If you spend $20.00 or more, we will send you an additional 5 free minutes.
  • Check your email for a “Welcome to Click4Advisor Service” message that includes your login, password, dial-in ID, PIN and further instruction.

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If you have any question, please call us at (561) 907-6689 or simply chat online with our customer service team.  Customer service line is only for customer service.  To get a psychic reading, please use the call/chat buttons.

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