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How Do I Get a Psychic Reading With Angelic?

First sign up for a user account by clicking here. If you need assistance setting up your account, please call our customer service line at (561) 907-6689.  Psychic Angelic is usually available for readings between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. eastern standard time.

What Times Are You Available for a Psychic Reading?

Psychic Angelic usually gives readings between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. eastern standard time (USA).

Can I Talk to Someone in Live Customer Service?

Yes you can. Please click here to contact us.  You can also call (561) 907-6689.

Is This for Entertainment purposes only?


Can I Call You Directly?

Once you have a registered user account, you can call Angelic directly.  You will need your own call in ID that you receive when signing up for an account. You will also need Angelic’s Dial in ID   132046.  Simply call 1‑888‑626‑7386.  Please note that you cannot use the call in option until you have registered for an online account.  To register for an account, simply click here.  If you prefer to call Angelic from our website, simply click on the call now button.

How Much Does The Live Psychic Reading Cost?

The psychic reading costs only $4.99 per minute.

How Will the Charge Appear on My Credit Card Statement?

All of your transactions are done through the click4advisor system.  You can see how much money you have spent and how much money you were charged by logging into your account. You can also check your account for promotional minutes and send emails to Angelic.

What Times Are You Available For a Live Psychic Reading?

You can call us 24 hours daily.

What Kind of Psychic Readings Do You Give?

We give psychic readings via Phone and Chat.

How Can I Get a Free Psychic Reading?

When you register for an account, you get to connect with Angelic instantly.  Your first 3 minutes are free when you use coupon code Angelic37 after you enter your credit card information.  After your 3 minutes are up, the call is $4.99 per minute.  If you are still confused about how our service works, please call our customer service line at (561) 907-6689.

Is Your Payment System Secure?

Yes, your payment is secure.  We use a phone system created by has been around since the 1990’s.  When you use the online payment system, you will see that the payment page is secure because it has an https:// at the front of it.  The phone direct payment system is also secure. If you have any questions, please call our office at (561) 907-6689.

How Do I Know If You Are a Real Psychic?

The only way to know is to call.  We give you 3 free minutes to try us out by using coupon code Angelic37.

Getting Readings with Psychics Other Than Angelic

Psychic Angelic is the only reader that we use here on  The other psychics that you see listed on our website work for different companies and websites. Please click on that advisers profile and you can meet with that spiritual adviser.  We work with reputable psychics that have been screened for their abilities by the websites in which they work for.